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Kikka (real name Alicia Jones) is the main protagonist of the manga Armored Core: Tower City Blade]]. She is a member of a team of tightly-knit Ravens named Flight Nest.


Kikka was an orphaned Raven who lost her father Frederick to the Feltorica Army. She grew up in the Flight Nest ever since she was saved by a Raven named Reichenberg. Despite never seeing him person-to-person he was -- according to her -- like a second father, continuously supporting her from far away. His AC makeup and his style inspired her to take up the role of a Raven. However, things begin to change when the Flight Nest participates in the Arena and must battle against other Ravens. She is required to hone her skills and live up to Reichenberg's name and truly appreciate his AC if she is to survive and become top-ranked in the Arena.

AC Vulcan Saber[]

A peculiar red-colored AC with an odd design set up using a middleweight OB core on top of lightweight legs and powerful arm weaponry. The KRSW she wields is her main line of offense and coupled with her fighting style, is easily able to cripple opponents by shooting at everything except the core. She makes frequent use of OB, often triggered when angered or when trying to make emergency dashes. Whatever the case however, she often claims victory the moment she OBs.


  • Head: CR-H97XS-EYE
  • Core: RAKAN
  • Arms: CR-A94FL
  • Legs: CR-LH99XS
  • Booster: B05-GULL
  • Generator: CR-G91
  • Radiator: CR-R92
  • Inside: N/A
  • Extension: N/A
  • Back Unit R: N/A
  • Back Unit L: WB50M-SATYROS
  • Arm Unit R: WH04HL-KRSW
  • Arm Unit L: CR-WL88LB3