Kisaragi AI AC

Kisaragi AI AC

The Kisaragi AI AC shortened from Kisaragi Artificial Intelligence AC is an special enemy AC in Silent Line: Armored Core.

It is encountered during the mission Destroy AI Prototype. One Kisaragi AI AC attempts to kill The Raven but is destroyed. It is then revealed that Kisaragi has mass manufactured these units as they keep appearing one after another. The Raven narrowly manages to escape from these units after destroying the AI prototype AC.

Kisaragi AI ACEdit

The Kisaragi AI AC is a lightweight two-legged AC equipped with an energy EO core, a back mounted radar, a back mounted rocket launcher, a dual pulse rifle, and a laser blade. The unit is also equipped with OP-INTENSIFY, enabling it to fire blade waves.


This AC will continually respawn until you have destroyed the Prototype AC, so it's best that you have enough endurance to hold out fighting the AI ACs. After facing/defeating about 2 of the AI ACs, the gate lock which leads to the Prototype AC will be released, and that's your chance to destroy it and end the mission. Destroying the AI ACs will grant you additional monetary rewards depending on how many you destroy, but unless have enough AP/defense to last out longer, it's recommended to simply head for the hangar where the Prototype AC is stored and end the mission after taking out 2 of these AI ACs.

By killing the first of these units that appear, you will obtain the MWR-AR/603.

By killing the second of these units that appear, you obtain the CCM-0V-AXE.

By killing the third of these units that appear, you obtain the CWM-GIGAS.



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