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Kisaragi AI Prototype

Kisaragi AI Prototype

The Kisaragi AI Prototype shortened from Kisaragi Artificial Intelligence Prototype is an AC design that appears in Silent Line: Armored Core.

It is found at an incomplete stage of development during the mission Destroy AI Prototype. A number of Kisaragi AI AC units fail to protect it and it is destroyed by The Raven. It can be assumed that this unit had a much more advanced AI system than any AI AC previously created.

Kisaragi AI AC[]

The Kisaragi prototype is a lightweight AC equipped with ECM assisting extensions.


  • Head: MHD-MX/BEE
  • Core: MCL-SS/RAY
  • Arms: MAL-RE/HADRO
  • Legs: MLM-SPINE
  • Booster: Unknown
  • FCS: Unknown
  • Generator: Unknown
  • Radiator: Unknown
  • Inside: Unknown
  • Extension: MEA-ESM
  • Back Unit R: None
  • Back Unit L: None
  • Arm Unit R: None
  • Arm Unit L: None