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Unofficially known as the "Rusyana," the Kisaragi Prototype was a new AC designed by Kisaragi and is seen in Armored Core: Nexus.


Kisaragi Protoype


Most likely built as a next generation Armored Core, the Kisaragi Prototype is a high mobility unit with impressive capabilities. Its design suggests the AC is equipped with high speed hover type legs. For weapons, it had a pair of pulse rifle arms, shaped like wings and unique head style; despite its capabilities, its durability is considered poor for an AC. It appeared first in "New AC Performance Test" and again several times outside of the development training room but was discontinued by Last Raven as a result of the perceived poor performance of the unit (attributed mainly to the fact that most were destroyed by the Raven). The unit for the most part is custom, and only its core can be obtained.


  • Dual Pulse weapon arms


  • Head: KHD-GMAX (Unobtainable head part designed for high speeds. Mostly featureless except for a camera in its right side.)
  • Core: RAKAN (Lightweight core with integrated Overboost)
  • Arms: MAW-SGC-18 (Unobtainable Pulse Rifle weapon arms. Low damage but can quickly overheat targets. Retract when unused)
  • Legs: MLR-2LR (Unobtainable high-performance hover legs, digitigrade stilts)
  • Booster: CBT-01-UNS (Unobtainable double-engine booster with yellow plume)
  • Generator: Unknown
  • Radiator: Unknown
  • FCS: Unknown


The Kisaragi Prototype appears as an enemy in the following missions:



  • The prototype AC is the only known fully built AC model constructed by Kisaragi.
  • The prototype AC's parts can be found in the game files of Nexus, but except for the RAKAN, they cannot be obtained without modifying or hacking the game.
    • Installing the parts shows that some of them have visual bugs in the garage, but work well ingame. The arms do not hide the AC's fists when equipped, and the legs are mostly invisible except for the pelvic piece, which has glitched textures.
    • Curiously, the player-usable version of the MAW-SGC-18 are Linear Guns instead of Pulse Rifles.
  • The prototype AC's parts exist in the game files of Formula Front, but are unused.