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Kukulcan - Emblem

Kukulcan's Emblem

Kukulcan is a Raven in Armored Core: Nine Breaker. He is ranked 28th in the Arena.


The pilot of this AC has gone to great lengths to safeguard his unit from missile attacks. No one is really sure why he is so adamant about this, and he's never given a reason.

AC Drone[]

Drone is a quad-legged AC equipped with anti-missile extensions, a triple rocket launcher, a small missile launcher, a pulse rifle, a sniper rifle and a lightweight solid-shell EO core.

AC Drone

AC Drone


True to the description, Drone equips an antimissile extension, so using missile launchers is not a good idea against this Ranker. Other than that, staying out of the line of sight is recommended due to the constant pressure from the arm and EO weapons of Kukulcan. Drone has less than average armor so stronger weapons will work effectively.