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General information
Classification Unmanned war machine
Appearances Armored Core V

An L.L.L. is a massive war machine manufactured by The Corporation. They appear twice throughout the story mode as bosses, and a more powerful version can be fought in the multiplayer mode.


The L.L.L.'s most prominent feature are its massive legs, joined at a central pod that controls the machine. Each of its legs are covered with laser turrets, and the armor plating on each leg can slide back to reveal an even more powerful laser cannon concealed within. The L.L.L. is also equipped with the unique blue snaking missiles used by another of the Corporation's weapons, the Ootheca. The L.L.L.'s armor is so thick that it is impervious to all forms of weapon fire.


  • Laser Weapons x many: Multiple laser weapons are fired from the sides of the legs. Since L.L.L. is a hexapodal machine, at least two legs' sides will face an enemy and fire at an enemy.
  • Swarmer Missiles x many: The top part of L.L.L. launches at least 18-24 Swarmer Missiles. While not so lethal, it will wear down armor gradually and destroy units with low durability.
  • Shooter Cannons x 6 (Story Mode), x 12 (Extra Mission Mode): A very powerful laser cannon that also serves as its weakness, one is located in each leg in its Story Mission mode. The Extra Mission mode has 4 Shooters in a row every other leg.
  • Focused Plasma Beam x 1: An area-denial weapon, it is deployed by L.L.L. to prevent any adversary from taking shelter underneath itself. It is deployed when an umbrella-like device is lowered from L.L.L.'s main body, and focused by a focusing array from the legs. Very damaging, but impossible to get hit unless one is standing right underneath L.L.L.

L.L.L Shooter stats

  • KE: 100
  • CE: 2000
  • TE: 200


When the L.L.L. retracts its leg armor to expose its laser cannons, this is the moment to strike. Attack the exposed leg cannon (called "Shooter") with all the firepower you can before it retracts, making sure to dodge the laser beam when it fires. KE appears to be the more effective weapon type to use against the L.L.L.'s Shooters, as most of the Corporation's machines are weak to it. The Shooters are invincible until their unfolding animation completes, so to conserve ammo wait until they are fully deployed. After you have destroyed three Shooters in this manner, the L.L.L. will be disabled. The missiles that L.L.L. fires can be very irritating due to their sheer numbers. It is recommended to use a CIWS to deal with the missiles if they become a problem.

The Story Mission version of L.L.L. is quite a simple opponent to defeat. One Shooter unit is located in each leg, and destroying three legs will disable L.L.L.. However, the same is not true for the Extra Mission version. The Extra Mission version of L.L.L. (also dubbed "Another L.L.L.") mounts four Shooter units every other leg, making it paramount to detect which leg possesses the Shooter units. To complicate matters, the Shooter units are very powerful, and a full volley of fire can whittle down even a TE-focused AC to half health if hit. Even worse is that Another L.L.L. is very aggressive. It will fire its lasers from beside its legs as well as the Swarmer Missiles more frequently. Due to the fact that only three legs possess the Shooters, it will only open the leg unit that faces the most amount of opponent, so teamwork is paramount to focus all the firepower on one leg rather than spreading it around. Also, Another L.L.L. actively moves around the battlefield. It actually follows a pattern of firing its weapons, moving, and firing again before opening one of its Shooter-equipped legs.

Fighting Another L.L.L. is an exercise of durability and teamwork. L.L.L. is impervious to Ultimate Weapons and without teamwork, any chances missed on destroying L.L.L.'s leg in one go is one more round of enduring L.L.L.'s brutal attacks. The Shooter units are similarly weak to KE and TE as its Story Mission counterpart, so using powerful KE weapons will destroy most Shooter units in quick succession. Another L.L.L. is a very powerful adversary, a far cry from its warmup boss-like characteristics in the Story Mode. It exists to test teams and their communication skills. For this reason, hiring mercenaries is best avoided unless one wants to communicate via PSN/XBL for strategies. Stick to your teammates, and unleash hell in as short time as possible, and L.L.L. should be destroyed without much problem.


  • It was revealed at the 2013 Raven's Meeting event in Japan that L.L.L. stands for "Lady Long Leg", a play on words referencing the daddy long-legs spider.
  • Despite the Story Version of L.L.L. having only one Shooter unit per leg, it actually possesses enough slots to carry three more. Theoretically then, it can carry 24 Shooter units maximum.
  • The L.L.L bears a strong resemblance to the Arms Forts of AC: For Answer.
  • The Shooter cannon is similar to the "Core" section of an Ammon.
  • A partially destroyed L.L.L. appears as a prop in one of the five new garages included in the Modeler's Pack DLC. It appears on the Air Base garage, surrounded by scaffoldings.
  • Destroyed L.L.L.s appear in several Verdict Day maps as rusting hulks.