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The LINSTANT is a specialised Production Model Armored Core NEXT first seen in Armored Core 4.


The LINSTANT is a lightweight craft designed by Akvavit, and it is meant to be compatible with many energy and Kojima based weapons. It is highly mobile and energy efficient, backing up these qualities. However, these come at a price, specifically the amount of AP it has. While fast, it suffers from low defense ratings, and its arm part has low mobility and its firing stability may to some appear as a joke, even for a lightweight. The LINSTANT/G generator used to power the NEXT is also a known cause for concern; while the KP output outclasses most other generators, its low EN output forces a pilot to be extremely judicious when using a weapon or quickboosting.

The only known pilots of this craft in AC4 are P.Dam and Tepes V. P. Dam pilots Hilarios, armed with MADNESS kojima arm weapons. Tepes V pilots Silver bullet, a craft which uses the AXIS Kojima rifle.

By ACFA, AkvaVit's remenants has joined up with the Interior Union and have been integrated in the Rescurrected GAE, eventually forcing a name change to TORUS as the remnants were more and more taking control of the research programs

None of AkvaVit's original NEXT pilots are longer active as of AC:FA. The only LYNX even shown using any LINSTANT parts at this time is ORCA's #10, Totient.


  • The Leg, Head and Arm part of the model has the greatest overall PA-based defense ratings of the entire game.
  • In Japanese community, the LINSTANT is nicknamed "Akvavitman".