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Lance Porter

Lance Porter is the unofficial fan name for a manned dual-rocket reverse-joint MT that appears in Silent Line: Armored Core.


The Lance Porter unit is a manned reverse-joint MT slightly larger than the average AC. Its weapons include dual rocket launchers and a quick single shot rifle. When at close range, it will fire its rifle, at long range it will fire its rocket launchers. The unit has fairly standard weaponry and moves somewhat erratically when faced with an enemy. It will fire while strafe-walking. Its armor is fairly weak meaning that it can be destroyed swiftly.


  • Dual Rocket Launchers
  • Single Shot Rifle Gun


The Lance Porter MT unit appears as an enemy in the following missions:

The Lance Porter is also used by the consort, Ronin. His version of the unit, MT Chariot, boasts a much higher level of performance.


  • Name comes from a Japanese website and the translation is pending.
  • The Arrow Porter MT appears to be a variant of this unit.