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Laser Blades

Active Laser Blades.

Laser blades are Energy Weapons that can be affixed to the arm units of Armored Cores. Laser Blades usually fall into two categories: long and weak or short and strong. However, some exceptions do exist.

Until Armored Core 4, Laser Blades could only be fixed to the left arm. Since Armored Core 4, laser blades have been capable of being equipped on both arms. This allows construction of NEXT designs with dual laser blades - a very lethal close combat combination. However, in ARMORED CORE VI FIRES OF RUBICON, Laser Blades can only be fixed to the left arm again.



Blade Wave.

Three blade waves

Three blade waves.

Unlike conventional swords wielded by hand, laser blades in the Armored Core series are forearm attachments which project a stream of energy similar to lightsabers of the Star Wars franchise or beam sabers from the Gundam franchise. They deal moderate to high damage, and in Armored Core 4 and For Answer, are capable of cutting through Primal Armor with ease.

When attacking with a laser blade, an AC dashes forward first before delivering a slash; the AC usually accelerates at a speed beyond the typical maximum speed. This, combined with slight target tracking to home in on the target, makes it easier to land a hit, unlike parry blades wherein an AC must "manually" close in to deliver a blow. The kind of slash performed depends on the type of legs of the slashing AC. Slashes range from the classic, horizontal slash to a forward stab, which sacrifices the homing ability a bit for even greater power.

Some "laser blades" do not actually form a blade; instead, they create an energy wave projection which is thrown forward a good distance. This projection is called a blade wave, and can also be done with all laser blades provided the user has Human PLUS capabilities or the AC is equipped with OP-INTENSIFY.

In ARMORED CORE VI FIRES OF RUBICON, almost all laser blades have different attack animations. And they also have charged attacks.



The LS-MOONLIGHT as it appears in Armored Core 2


The LS-MOONLIGHT blade wave

Despite being a staple of Armored Cores, the laser blade actually precedes the AC design by many years. They were first found in the later days of Muscle Tracers, specifically around the time of the first Cored Muscle Tracer. They were considered high end weapons capable of dealing massive damage. With the birth of the Armored Core, they say lesser usage in MTs and became a staple of ACs. Laser blades have been used in every iteration of Armored Core and although the underlying mechanics behind them have changed over time, their overall high attack ability and portability have made them one of the most powerful and iconic weapons in Armored Core.



Laser blades are all around great close quarter weapons that work well on almost all ACs. Because they are effective only at melee range, crafts that wield laser blades are often designed to be highly mobile to quickly close in on targets while avoiding enemy fire.


  • Laser Dagger: A laser blade with a shorter blade and lighter weight. Introduced in ARMORED CORE VI FIRES OF RUBICON.
  • Laser Slicer: A double-bladed laser blade with more continuity in attacks. It can also deflect incoming projectiles when using the charged attack if the pilot is skilled enough. Introduced in ARMORED CORE VI FIRES OF RUBICON.
  • Pulse Blade: Blades powered by pulse energy. It uses PA Interference to destroy Pulse Armor and pulse shields. Introduced in ARMORED CORE VI FIRES OF RUBICON.
  • Light Wave Blade: A laser-pulse blade capable of firing blade waves like some laser blades from the previous generations. Introduced in ARMORED CORE VI FIRES OF RUBICON.
  • Coral Oscillator: Blades powered by Coral that change Energy-type damage to Coral-type damage. When using the charged attack, they either fire a wider blade wave or a cutting beam. Introduced in ARMORED CORE VI FIRES OF RUBICON.

List of Laser Blades[]

Armored Core to Master Arena[]

2 to Another Age[]

3 to Silent Line[]

Nexus to Last Raven[]

4 to For Answer[]

V to Verdict Day[]



  • First Generation Armored Cores had their laser blades stored inside their left arm similar to Nine-Ball Seraph.
  • In Armored Core: For Answer, ORCA's customized Arms Fort Jet and the Interior Union's Arms Fort Stigro were shown to be able to use massive laser blades that swept around and could eliminate an NEXT in a single strike.

    The WL-MOONLIGHT activated.

    The MOONLIGHT series of laser blades serves as a fixture of the Armored Core series, and has appeared in every game to date. Currently, as of Armored Core: For Answer, its newest form is the Rayleonard-manufactured 07-MOONLIGHT. MOONLIGHT blades are usually blue or purple and have both a high attack power, and a long range at a cost of heavy weight.
    • The MOONLIGHT is one of the few weapons that has been in every single title without a name change; it boasts both impressive blade range and usually has the highest attack power.
  • In the PSX games (and Armored Core 2), the laser blades are not listed in the immediate selection of weapons during combat. Also in the PSX games, the laser blades cannot be visibly seen on ACs since these models were directly installed inside the forearm instead of being attached to it like in the later games.
  • Armored Core V has laser blades that are hand-held instead of being attached to the wrist like in previous Armored Core games.