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For information on a related weapon type, see High Intensity Laser.

A Laser Rifle is a type of weapon seen in all Armored Core games.


The energy-based equivalent of the Solid Rifle, the Laser Rifle is a staple of the energy weapon category. Despite the name, "laser" rifles do not fire instant-hit projectiles, and work more like beam weapons of nonspecified working principle and attack medium. They fire slower than their ballistic counterparts and typically carry less ammunition, but make up for it by lacking an ammunition costs (all energy weapons cost the player nothing to restock after a mission) and offer a wider range of attack power compared to the regular solid rifles.


There are several notable types of Laser Rifle:

  • Standard Laser Rifles - These baseline laser weapons fire a relatively small bolt of energy.
  • Hi-Laser Rifles - Introduced in Armored Core: Nexus, Hi-Laser Rifles are considerably more powerful than standard variants, but are heavier and carry less ammunition. Their firepower is roughly comparable to the bazookas.
  • Multi-Energy Rifles - A type of Laser Rifle introduced in Armored Core 6, it combines plasma and laser fire. The 44-142 KRSV fires a plasma but has low damage, a charged shot fires a laser shot. A fully charged shot fires both laser and plasma, dealing high damage.
  • Coral Rifles - A type of laser weapon that uses manipulated Coral swarm intelligence. The IA-C0W6: NB-REDSHIFT coral rifle uses energy to produce chain explosions, while IB-C0W1: WLT 011 has a two-stage charge shot that fires a full energy of Coral beam that can swept while the beam is fired.



Dual Laser Rifle in use

Laser Rifles, like their ballistic counterparts, are balanced weapons capable performing all tasks reasonably well, but not excelling in any particular field. Their lower ammunition capacity and high attack power makes them less suited to long-endurance missions than ballistic rifles, and perform better in an anti-AC role. They tend to occupy a middle-ground between weapons stocked with ammunition for long drawn-out firefights, and weapons such as grenade launchers that carry a fewer rounds but deliver more power with each shot.

There are several exceptions to this however, the most notable example being the KARASAWA series of weapons. These weapons are fantastic AC killers, especially in the earlier generations with high fire rates and a relatively large amount of ammunition for the weapon class. This is offset by the weapon's rarity (typically having to be found in a mission) and it's high weight and energy drain burden.

List of Laser Rifles[]

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Armored Core Master of Arena[]

Armored Core 2[]

Armored Core 2 Another Age[]

Armored Core 3[]

Armored Core Silent Line[]

Armored Core Silent Line Portable

Armored Core Nexus[]

Armored Core Last Raven Portable[]