The KARASAWA as seen in Nexus is an example of a Hi Laser Rifle

For information on a related weapon type, see High Intensity Laser.

A Laser Rifle is a type of weapon seen in all Armored Core games.


The energy-based equivalent of the Solid Rifle, the Laser Rifle is a staple of the energy weapon category. They fire slower than their ballistc counterparts and typically carry less ammunition, but make up for it by lacking an ammunition costs (all energy weapons cost the player nothing to restock after a mission) and are more powerful.


There are several notable types of Laser Rifle:

  • Standard Laser Rifles - These baseline laser weapons fire a relatively small bolt of energy.
  • Hi-Laser Rifles - Introduced in Armored Core: Nexus, Hi-Laser Rifles are considerably more powerful than standard variants, but are heavier and carry less ammunition.


Laser Rifles, like their ballistic counterparts, are balanced weapons capable performing all tasks reasonably well, but not excelling in any particular field. Their lower ammunition and high attack power makes them less suited to long-endurance missions than ballistic rifles, and perform better in an anti-AC role. They tend to occupy a middle-ground between weapons stocked with ammunition for long drawn-out firefights, and weapons such as grenade launchers that carry a fewer rounds but deliver more power with each shot.

There are several exceptions to this however, the most notable example being the KARASAWA series of weapons. These weapons are fantastic AC killers, especially in the earlier generations with high fire rates and a relatively large amount of ammunition for the weapon class. This was offset by the weapon's rarity (typically having to be found in a mission) and it's weight.

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