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Infiltrate Layered Hub - Controller

The Controller in Layered Hub.

Layered Hub is a location in Armored Core 3 and Silent Line: Armored Core. It is found in its own section of Layered.


Layered Hub has been a strictly keep secret since Layered's initial construction. Built deep beneath the rest of Layered, the location has been made by the Controller for its agents to move through and defend. The level of technology in this area is considerably more advanced than that seen in other areas as walls light up with pulsating energy and both floors and ceilings are made up of colored shatterproof glass demonstrating the vast size of Layered Hub. The Raven is the first to enter Layered Hub and in doing so, triggers all of The Controller's security systems. The Controller is ultimately destroyed by The Raven. It is shown in Silent Line: Armored Core that the location is left abandoned and in ruins.

Layered Hub is an area of combat in the Armored Core 3 mission Infiltrate Layered Hub and the Silent Line: Armored Core mission, Data Retrieval.