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Leviathan in its prototype state.

A powerful flying MT, the Leviathan was an ancient weapon found by Navis during the events prior to Last Raven or during Armored Core: Nexus. However this prototype went berserk and was put down by a Raven shortly before the unmanned suicide weapon attack. Presumably when Alliance was formed, they produced more Leviathans and three separate "models" have been shown, excluding the prototype.

First Appearance[]

There is some debate over the origins of the Leviathan. The Leviathan's first appearance as the Leviathan was as an uncontrollable prototype recovered by Navis that was designed to help them hold onto power. Aerial MTs are a common sight throughout Armored core with two similar weapons appear in Armored Core 2: Another Age and in Silent Line: Armored Core. The first model, Another Age's was quite similar to the Leviathan as it appeared as an immoble model than later an aerial model appeared, mirroring how the Leviathan was revealed. The complete model was very similar to the Leviathan in that it featured missile barrages and grenade launchers but it fired in much more volume for the latter and features orbit cannons. The Silent Line model is a weapon controlled by Mirage or maybe IBIS and features missiles and a grenade launcher, giving a trend towards flying MTs.( In AC3 there is a mission called Leviathan, consisting on the destruction of a marine type weapon)

Immobile Leviathan (found in Destroy Massive MT)[]

AP: Unknown


  • Laser Cannon
  • Missile Launchers
  • Forward mounted Machine Gun

Seen in Armored Core: Nexus, it is referred to only as a Massive MT. Unlike its Last Raven counterparts, it is immobile and powered by four large generators. It appears to have an ECM mechanism which actively interferes with lockon.

This model also appears to imply a transformation capability, but was destroyed before any information could be verified.

Main Leviathan (found in Launch Preemptive Strike)[]

Img system01 01

AP: 10,000 (approximately)


  • Twin Laser Cannons
  • Twin Grenade Cannons
  • Twin Missile Launchers
  • Multiple defensive machine gun turrets

This version of the Leviathan is stronger than its other Last Raven counterparts, most likely for game play purposes. Also equipped with ECM, the Leviathan constantly makes strafing runs, firing all of its weapons at certain intervals (missiles most common) as it flies along a set path. The ECM can be counteracted by using a head and radar with high ECM and all attacks can be either dodged if you see them coming or using the central pyramid like building as cover.

In terms of fighting, missiles work best due to their homing feature and the Leviathan lacks a missile defense. Micro Missiles plus a retaliation missile extension work well on a mobile AC. Heavy ACs may be utterly devastated due to the mobility of the Leviathan and their lack of agility.

The difference in AP between this Leviathan and other versions implies that it is most likely the most complete version, that is to say, was not constructed by the Alliance like the later versions.

Leviathan (found in Stop Last Assault Attempt)[]

AP: 3750 (approximately)


  • Twin Laser Cannons
  • Twin Grenade Cannons
  • Twin Missile Launchers

This version is mostly the same as the more durable counterpart. There, however, are two of these machines, fought at once, making them a little more dangerous. The best way to deal with them is with high ECM countering capabilities and missiles, the enternal weakness of the Leviathan (and many of Last Raven's more powerful enemies). Cannons work well as they don't move too quickly. With an agile enough AC it is possible to blade the Leviathans although the missiles work the best. The problem is keeping track of both, which can prove difficult due to the ECM interference. Both must be destroyed quickly to get the GEYRON 3. Once the first one is destroyed, the ECM interference will get low enough to easily attack the second. Both will fall rather quickly.

Final Leviathan (found in Stop Last Assault Attempt)[]

AP: 2500 (approximately)


  • Twin Laser Cannons
  • Twin Grenade Cannons
  • Twin Missile Launchers

This last version of the Leviathan is fought during the mission Stop Last Assault Attempt as the third and final Leviathan. While weaker than the first duo, this version fires three missile salvos in a row. This combined with the lack of cover, could make this attack devastating. It is fairly weak, weaker than the individual Leviathan's individual AP, although with the fight against the jet fighters and the two Leviathans. The best way of defeating it is to fight it just like the previous two although the missile slavoes will be hard to deal with.



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