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The LiV arriving on the battlefield

The LiV, which stands for "Lady in Vortex", is an unmanned weapon that appears in Armored Core: Verdict Day. Unusually for AI weapon, the LiV has a female gender. She is the unmanned weapon for the Mid-Continent combat zone. It can be encountered when there is an 'Emergency' status in the region/during a 'Special Sortie' while online.


  • Laser Cannon x2 (20000 TE damage)
  • Jammer Missile x2 (100 KE damage)
  • Laser Rifle x1 (600 TE damage)
  • Laser Blade x1 (30000 damage, ignores defenses)
  • CIWS


LiV appears as an optional boss in multiplayer, attacking mercenaries with a complement of strafing lasers, high-power laser cannons, blade attacks, jammers and homing energy missiles (red coloured versions of the missiles used by Ammons, Scavengers and Oothecas). Due to the extreme effectiveness of the jammers, it is recommended that anyone attempting to take down the LiV use parts with high jamming resistance. LiV deploys a unique CIWS with the appearance of green particles, which can intercept not only missiles but also will deactivate laser blades and deflect sniper fire.


  • AP: 200000
  • KE Defense: 1250
  • CE Defense: 1250
  • TE Defense: 1250


The following information is "gray area" content — it may not be completely factual, and/or falls under YMMV territory.

  • You cannot use sniper rifles or sniper cannons against LiV, as its automatic defense system will nullify the rounds. While it's not advisable to try to melee LiV in general, this defense system will also shut down laser blades.
  • The LiV has an incredible mobility and long-range combat weapons, so long-range and high-speed projectile weapons are recommended (e.g: AU-11 KINFOLK), with a reserve magazine, lessening the chance of running out of ammo.
  • Generally, is necessary to use parts with high jamming resistance. To avoid risks, it is recommended to equip heavy-biped legs; while preventing damage by hiding behind walls, towers, and other buildings on the map.
  • However, the more experienced pilots can use lightweight parts, while they strafe LiV and evade its fire.
  • In any case, the player will need large amounts of energy to dodge incoming attacks from LiV's Laser Cannons.
  • Another thing to take note is, never stray close to LiV. Otherwise, it will execute a deadly charging attack where LiV abruptly lunges at the player it targets and violently swings a thick, powerful energy beam that can severely damage your AC (or in some cases, if you're already damaged rather heavily, this will kill you outright). This attack is virtually impossible to avoid, unless one is incredibly lucky where one is hiding behind a building or an obstacle, or if the angle of attack from LiV's blade manages to somehow miss.
  • Use a high AP tank w/ TE def and high critical power generator. Equip a grind blade as that's the only weapon you'll need. DO THE MISSION SOLO SO LIV WILL FOCUS ON YOU. Charge grind blade as soon as the mission begins, wait for her to charge attack you. Once she hits you, you have 2-3 seconds to release the grind blade. Do it properly and you'll beat LiV within 20 seconds with 24k AP to spare.



  • LiV stands for "Lady in Vortex." However, this is simply a designation given to it by the Three Forces. Its true name, discovered in the source code of its programming, seems to be a name derived from "angel."
  • A heavily distorted female voice can be heard crying out for help when LiV is defeated.
  • The ACVD Link archive secret reports on the unidentified weapons confirms that LiV is powered by a generator that uses special particles that allow for powerful bursts of movement as well as a defensive barrier. This particle is extremely hazardous to the surrounding environment. It shares this trait with the N-WGIX/v and Exusia.
  • In Armored Core: Verdict Day Official Setting Documents Collection -the AFTER-, a silhouette of LiV is used in an example image in which it's explained that some Designed had their human components replaced with machinery until the only organic parts that remained were a few brain tissues. If this applies to LiV, then she may not be an unmanned weapon, but rather a cyborg.
    • The page on LiV is on page 104 of the AFTER. This is a pun, as 104 can be written as ten (English) shi (Japanese) as in tenshi, or an angel.
  • Both LiV and Exusia were created as "anti-Special Weapons".[1]
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  1. Page 103 of The AFTER.