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"I'll turn 'em into a steaming pile of scrap."
— Lilith
ACVD - AC Frame - Matsukaze mdl.1 -Miracle Vitus-
General information
Gender Female
Age 24
Affiliation and military information
Affiliation None
Occupation Mercenary
Craft Miracle Vitis
Real world information
Appearances Armored Core: Verdict Day

Lilith is a mercenary encountered in Mission 2-4 of Armored Core: Verdict Day.


Origin: Borozniki TS. Female, age 24 A strong revulsion for the slum life into which she was born drove her to the mercenary life from an early age. She blossomed in combat, exhibiting especially remarkable progress upon recent acquisition of an AC, though pride gradually came to dull the hunger that first led her to success.

Confirmed killed in act: Samir Canyon.

AC Miracle Vitis[]

Miracle Vitis is a heavyweight, TE focused, biped AC armed with a laser rifle, an HATSUKARI pulse machinegun, pulse gun and a standard plasma gun. In addition, the AC is equipped with an ammo enhancement shoulder unit, which bolsters the AC's killing potential.

Miracle Vitis
Classification: Armored Core
Armored Core Verdict Day Screenshot 2016-06-08 09-55-42

Assembly Type




Head: HC-129
Core: MATSUKAZE mdl.1
Arms: AGEMAKI mdl.1
Legs: Le2H-J-E13 Lilith

Recon Unit:

Shoulder Unit: MURATORI mdl.1
R Arm Unit: AM/LRA-144

Rapid Fire:

L Arm Unit: HATSUKARI mdl.1

Rapid Fire:

Ultimate Weapon: -
R Bay Unit: Au-N-C73

Power: -
Rapid Fire: -
Accuracy: -

L Bay Unit: NIODORI mdl.2

Power: -
Rapid Fire: -
Accuracy: -

Total Weight:
Recoil Resistance:
Turning Performance:
Energy Recovery:
Repair Cost:

Total Load:
Loading Capacity:
Total EN Consumption:
EN Output:


Lilith does not know how to optimally manage her EN reserve, since she always blasts away at an opponent with her TE weapons; this means she often doesn't have enough energy to use Hi-Boost to avoid enemy fire when the time is right, even though her AC has remarkable AP and defense levels.

She carries a formidable arsenal of weapons, and this allows her to fire at enemies at a variety of ranges: her laser rifle can tap enemies from the other side of the Samir Canyon, and can provide a potent long-range weapon for her. In addition to this, her first-gen HATSUKARI pulse machine features extensive range capability in comparison to a standard model, and can reach out much farther than most PMG's.

In close-range skermishes, Lilith will swap out Miracel Vitis' laser rifle and pulse machine gun for a potent combination of her second-gen NIODORI Pulse Gun and Au-N-C73 Plasma Gun, which can deal tremendous amounts of damage in a short amount of time, especially considering her Plasma Gun has been tuned for a rapid fire role. It is highly recommended the player keeps out of range of Miracle Vitis' Plasma and Pulse Gun range, while attempting to do the barrage of pulse machine gun and laser rifle rounds that she will let loose.

If the player prefers heavy armor and heavy firepower, it is highly recommended that they use an AC with high anti-TE performance and armed with high-damage KE and CE weapons; such as Heat Machine-guns (like the AU24-Kayak, AU25-Kalong, Au-V-G39 or Au-V-M05), battle rifles ( Au-C-B07/Au-C-B19, ARAGANE mdl.1 and mdl.2, or the Au-C-H22 and Au-C-H30 burst fire models) or rifles (AM/RFA-130, AM/RFA-222, AM/RFB-215, Au-B-A04, Au-B-A17, or the AU01-Knave and AU11-Kinfolk) to devastate her weak KE and CE defense. In addition, missiles (CE or KE) and rockets (KE or CE) will also aid in the fight, if the player is using an FCS with high-missile compatability (e.g. Fs-L-E23, USUGUMO mdl.2 or FA-303).

If the player instead is the type that prefers fast ACs, a lightly-armored, medium biped or a reverse joint are recommended. The Canyon itself is made up of concentric rings of earth that span down to the central arena, and these 'rings' can provide necessary protection from some of Lilith's more devastating attacks, as well as provide a means for users of a reverse-jointed AC to launch themselves into the air and, therefore, an advantage in mobility.


"So that's the target? I don't think I've heard of them. Some freaky looking granddad no doubt. I'll turn 'em into a steaming pile of scrap."


  • Lilith is the name given to a female demon of Jewish folklore, who tries to kill newborn children.
    • This name plays true to her role in the game, as a hurdle for new players to overcome to progress with the story.