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Line Ark is the largest surface-based power seen in Armored Core: For Answer.


A maritime city-state formed by those who oppose the League and their Cradle system, they advocate freedom and democracy and appear to be fighting for just that cause. However, their motto of 'accepting all who wish to enter' has attracted a large number of unfavourable types, which has led to a slow decay of their government and society, leaving little of their original ideas and dreams remaining.

Their forces consists mostly of MTs, Normals, and one NEXT, White Glint.


Line Ark's Logo

Line Ark's logo

Line Ark was established sometime after the end of the Lynx War, becoming the first non-corporate state to emerge in the post-National Dismantlement War era. As stated above, they opposed the League on the grounds that they were tyrants who were suffocating the life out of the Earth. Furthermore, they seemed to be at least somewhat aware that the continuing environmental pollution was being caused by the Cradles and the Arteria, although unlike ORCA, they had no significant military power to oppose the League.

During the course of Armored Core: For Answer, the League of Ruling Companies launches several attacks against Line Ark. The first of these in the game is the first mission, and is carried out by Strayed. Later, the player is given the option of either helping or carrying out further attacks against Line Ark (Chapter 2 of ACFA).

The first mission that the player can take to help Line Ark is "Defend Megalis", which involves repelling a League task force (consisting primarily of Omer forces) who are attacking the Megalis power plant. Successful completion of this mission opens up the "Defend Line Ark" mission and, if the player chooses to take that mission, the entire "Anti-Establishment" storyline in For Answer. "Defend Line Ark" involves working alongside the NEXT White Glint as a pair of League/Omer Lynx (Otsdarva and CUBE) come in to deal a death blow to Line Ark's defenses. Although successful completion of the mission involves apparently destroying Otsdarva and CUBE (although the latter is recovered afterward), White Glint is also taken out in this battle. Afterward, Line Ark ceases to play a major part in the story, and ORCA comes to the forefront.

If the player chooses instead to side with the corporations, the next mission played involving Line Ark is "Defeat White Glint", in which the Protagonist is teamed with Otsdarva against White Glint. During the battle, Otsdarva is apparently taken down by White Glint, who is subsequently taken out by the player. The final mission in this storyline that involves Line Ark is "Destroy Megalis", in which the Protagonist is tasked with maneuvering a gauntlet of Anti-Aircraft Energy Cannons to get to Megalis and take out the power plant, which results in the downfall of Line Ark.


  • In earlier versions of the ACFA trailers, Line Ark was colored differently.
  • The "4A" graphic of the Armored Core:For Answer logo doubles as a stylized representation of Line Ark.


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