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Linear Rifle in action

A linear gun is a type of weapon first featured in Armored Core and its expansions before disappearing until Silent Line, where the new variants produced.


The Linear Gun is a type of weapon which fires high speed rounds at their targets. Two major variants of the Linear Gun have appeared in Armored Core: the original versions of the game but were discontinued in Armored Core 2 and the ones that appear later on in Silent Line.

Armored Core[]

Basically a stronger, more powerful handgun in many respects, the original Linear Gun was capable of fast firing and good stun on the target, allowing for the target to be "stun locked" by successive rounds. This makes it a very lethal as targets who are stun locked are incapable of moving effectively and it's nearly impossible to return fire. However, this was only truly feasible at close ranges, as the weapon had a horrible spread over longer distances, leaving users open to much more accurate long ranged affairs if they did not close the distance. And even if they did, without PLUS capabilities to fire the weapon whilst being able to move, using it left the user a sitting duck.

Silent Line to Last Raven[]

Although not having an explosive warhead, the linear is nonetheless an extremely effective weapon. These weapons have higher damage at the cost of reload speed, and also have moderate range, and stun capability. Linear guns also have very high ammo count, meaning that it is particularly effective in long term battles. Both arm and back types exist. Linear Guns are often seen as halfway between rifles and Bazookas being almost as fast, accurate and as much ammo as a rifle, whilst nearly packing the punch of a Bazooka.


Linear rifles are slightly stronger versions of assault rifles with the functionality of the railguns from Last Raven, sacrificing rapid fire for velocity and impact power. When charged, they fire high-speed bullets that deal more damage and impact, making them ideal weapons for Stagger buildup. They are also ideal for sniping targets from afar, often taking out MTs and other smaller targets with one shot.

List of Linear Guns[]

Armored Core[]

Silent Line[]

Nexus to Last Raven[]



  • Linear rifles appear to be based on the principles of a railgun. The YWH16HR-PYTHON, however, is excluded possibly because it features different mechanisms.
  • Despite using solid rounds, linear shells are shown to "explode" when hitting a target. (This is consistent with a railgun's performance - the explosion comes from the released kinetic energy of the round rather than an explosive shell.)
  • The ZWC-LNT/250 in 2 Series and the CWX-LIC-10 in 3 Series are mistakenly referred to as a linear gun and a linear cannon respectively.