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Lion Heart is a Raven in Armored Core 2. His rank is #3 in the Arena.


The most powerful reverse-joint AC, he has proven to be a true contender in the Arena. His fans anxiously await the day when he will face the top ranked AC.

AC Black Knight[]

Black Knight is a heavyweight reverse-joint AC equipped with anti missile extensions, a large missile launcher, a chain gun, a plasma rifle, a laser blade and an overboost core. Due to the Human PLUS enhancements of the pilot the unit can fire blade waves and fire the back mounted chain gun while moving. It is also capable of ignoring weight restrictions. The unit is bristling with weapons, this guy is no doubt a challenge. He's got a bit of speed to him because of his reverse joint legs so outrunning will do no good.


Overboost in the air and try to attack if you have the chance. Just don't try to overpower him. A good idea would be to equip a core with anti-missile capabilities, or an anti-missile extension in the event he uses his large missile launcher (Which causes serious damage, and overheating).

This AC isn't too bad if you have some decent speed and a high powered weapon (namely the KARASAWA MK2) he will fall easily. Despite his outload, in The Caves, he is fairly easy to keep track off. The easiest way of dealing with the Large Missiles is keeping track of them on radar or visually; they don't last forever and staying on the move you can avoid it; they're fairly slow, and can be lured into a wall collision fairly easily. Also the plasma rifle isn't too fearsome as long as you can avoid it, and it does not last for long. His most dangerous weapon is the chaingun due to is high rate of fire. However he tends to be very mobile and as long as you stay mobile, the benefits of the chaingun (high DPS) is kind of negated if you are able to avoid aim tracking for most of its shots. As long as you can avoid the large missles and plasma cannon (at long range, its mediocre rate of fire and slow projectile makes it easy to dodge) are easy to negate. That means the chaingun and the laser blade is all that is left...

Another way to defeat Lion Heart without much trouble is to give him a good spin. Black Knight has a poor turn rate, which can be especially exploited after it is forced into a hard landing. Afterwards, it is possible to blindside the opponent, as long as you stay reasonably close. Before Lion Heart is able to regain a lock on you, you will have a moment to get a lock on him first. Liberal use of Overboost for charging past Black Knight will help you achieve this position. If done reliably, you should be able to enforce a behaviour loop of going behind Lion Heart, attacking him while he turns to face you, dashing away at his back again once he is about to restore lock-on, and repeat so until he is done for.



  • In the Japanese version, Lion Heart's AC is known as Ultimate Knight (アルティメットナイト).



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