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This page contains a comprehensive list of the different enemies and military units encountered throughout Armored Core 4 and Armored Core: For Answer.

Muscle Tracers[]


Garq8 img

The Debris Maker is a standard model reverse-legged MT manufactured by GA. They are armed with a single chain gun turret, and are seen prominently throughout the opening cut scenes of both Armored Core 4 and Armored Core: For Answer. These units inflict little damage to the Primal Armor of a NEXT, and are typically destroyed with a single shot from most weapons.



This machine is apparently an Eqbal-designed modification to the existing Debris Maker, equipped with an eight-cell rocket launcher in place of the chain gun. It appears in large numbers in the mission Sandstorm Citadel.


Mt02 2

The Eqbal-manufactured Mamluk is the most commonly encountered MT, usually deployed in large groups to support other assets such as Normals or Arms Forts. The Mamluk is one of the most widely produced military units of its time, used by armies around the world ranging from the corporations to terrorists groups. Despite having reasonable firepower for its class, the Mamluk poses minimal threat to the average NEXT, and is easily destroyed with even light weapons. It is armed with a quartet of rifles, two on each side of the upper torso, and a pair of six-cell rocket launchers which the MT fires in volleys. These rockets can cause surprising damage to a careless NEXT that becomes caught in the barrage.



This rarely-seen model is a special operations MT manufactured by BFF. They consist of a light bipedal frame and are armed with dual pulse guns. They only appear in the mission Unseen Assailant, and make up the bulk of the enemy forces.


044fv450 small

This four-legged model is a BFF-manufactured mobile gun emplacement, usually positioned to defend the flanks of other units. Their long-range cannon delivers superior punch than would be suggested by their MT classification. They are colloquially referred to as Pinocchio because their long barrel resembles a nose.



This small, four-legged unit is a lightweight guard MT developed by GA Europe, armed with a small gatling gun. They are commonly deployed for defensive duties, and possess a lower profile than most other MTs. The word "spinne" translates to "spider" from German.



Referred to as an autonomous drone, the Spinne 2 appears to be a computer-controlled quadruped MT armed with a powerful battery of large rockets. They often function as artillery or defensive units, usually accompanied by Normals. Although their weaponry is quite damaging, the slow speed of the rocket and lack of guidance make it fairly easy to avoid, and the platform itself is minimally armored.




The Procyon cannon is a Melies-manufactured artillery piece, armed with a powerful long-range Hi-Laser. The platform itself is a lightly armored truck, and must remain stationary in order to fire. Despite their lack of mobility, the sheer range and power of the Procyon make it a considerable threat even to a NEXT. They are often deployed at choke points where they can hit the enemy from a distance.

They are first seen in the mission Sharpshooting in Armored Core 4 but make a second appearance in Armored Core: For Answer in the Gear Tunnel during the mission Eliminate Procyon.


This Technocrat-manufactured craft is a tracked mobile ordnance system. Most commonly deployed as a defensive artillery unit, its weaponry consists of either large rockets or large missiles depending on the operation.



This strange craft is an experimental indirect-fire platform developed by Eqbal. The vehicle is propelled by a single large wheel, and fires barrages of needle-like projectiles outwards in a fan shape. It is only encountered once in the Armored Core 4 mission Line of Defense.



This GA-manufactured power armor allows infantry units to operate in Kojima-contaminated areas. Ground troops are rarely seen due to their relative obsolescence in open warfare, although they are evidently useful for infiltration missions in areas where larger units such as Normals and NEXTs cannot operate. Infantry using the suits are usually armed with a bazooka.


051tv540 sketch

This hazardous-materials transport is a specialised Kojima transport truck manufactured by BFF. Destroying them creates a small Kojima fire around the blast area which can be used as a light source in dark environments. They appear in the mission Firefly, where they serve as an integral light source when destroyed.


The JAMAL is an Eqbal-manufactured flatbed truck. The vehicle itself is unarmed, although possesses reasonable armor and is occasionally seen transporting NEXTs such as in the mission Desert Wolf.



Manufactured by GA, the Wild Boar is a mass-produced main battle tank in service in the armies of the corporations and armed groups alike. Its main gun is typically ineffective against Primal Armor.


The Onikoube is a larger main battle tank produced by Arisawa Heavy Industries. Despite its more powerful main gun, it still has little effect on Primal Armor.


These Technocrat-produced vehicles are mobile ballistic missile launchers present at the Eritrean Stronghold. They only appear in the mission Sandstorm Citadel, where they must be destroyed in order to complete the mission. Based on the massive explosions they produce upon being destroyed, they are presumably armed with low-yield nuclear warheads.


Monstergatling sketch

The Monster Gatling is a three-wheeled assault vehicle manufactured by GA Europe. They are relatively mobile and well armored, and armed with an array of large gatling guns. They only appear in the mission Barbe-Bleue on hard mode, and their speed allows them to quickly bypass a slow player and storm the construction docks.



The Arbalester is a GA-manufactured mobile missile platform armed with two seperate missile batteries. They are designed to provide long-range indirect fire support to friendly assets. The vehicle itself is only lightly armored, although the missiles can deliver significant punch.



The Missile Shower is a smaller GA-manufactured missile platform that attacks using an array of vertical missile tubes. Although the truck is unarmored, the nature of its weaponry allows it to attack without a direct line of sight to its target.


Ga train

The Supernova is an enormous GA-designed armored transport train that occupies five parallel rail lines. Its is considerably well armed and armored, featuring numerous machine guns and vertical missile launchers. Despite its size and mass, it is capable of extremely high top speeds. It appears in the mission Aerial Interdiction, and the player will have only a narrow window to destroy it before it passes through the area.



This GA-designed ground carrier vehicle is a large, enclosed transport designed to carry Normals and MTs to mission sites. It is unarmed and only moderately armored. They are not typically designated as mission-critical targets, and can be safely ignored.



Nanahusi sketch

This curious airborne unit is an unmanned training drone that only appears in the tutorial mission of Armored Core 4. It features a strange horizontally-aligned rotor arrangement, and is armed with a dummy pulse gun for training purposes.


Hymenoptera sketch

This Omer-designed airborne drone is an unmanned defensive unit armed with a single machine gun turret. Held aloft by four separate ducted fans, it is reasonably agile, although its armor is easily defeated.



The Kubel is a GA Europe airborne drone designed to deliver freefall bombs. Although their light armor offers little protection, their high-explosive munitions can indiscriminately deliver incredible damage over a wide area.



This helicopter-like aircraft is an unmanned electronic-warfare drone designed by BFF. The drone itself is unarmed, although it emits a dense jamming field that shrouds the surrounding area in ECM. Destroying these drones will reduce ECM density.



The Galaxy is a GA-manufactured stealth jet commonly employed as either a low-observable transport plane or an attack aircraft. When used as an attack craft, it is usually deployed in large squadrons and armed with dual Hi-Lasers. It appears most notably as an ally in the mission Ego Boost, where the player must defend it from attacking Normals.


Laqlaq sketch

This Eqbal-designed transport helicopter is a tandem-rotor cargo lifter designed to transport heavy payloads. It is typically seen in large formations transporting squadrons of Normals to the battlefield.



These small BFF-manufactured attack helicopters are commonly deployed in large squadrons to provide close air support to ground-based assets. Despite being poorly armed and armored, their relatively small size can make them difficult to hit with slow-firing weapons. They appear in most missions in Armored Core 4.


The Comet is a GA-manufactured attack helicopter with a similar function to the 043AF20. They have been known to occasionally operate outside of a combat role, transporting heavy equipment. Such is the case in the opening cut scene of ACFA, where a Comet delivers White Glint his rifle.


Flyingjolt img

The GA-produced Flying Jolt is a tandem-rotor heavy cargo and attack helicopter. They are frequently seen landed at the edge of military conflicts, suggesting that they are used to transport equipment and ammunition. In combat, they make use of a nose-mounted machine gun and four missile launchers.



This unconventional aircraft is a combat autogyro manufactured by Eqbal and later Algebra. They are small and agile, although their armor and single machine gun are insufficient in heavier conflicts, and they can be destroyed with a single rifle shot.



This large battle-gyro of Eqbal, and later Algebra design is armed with slug guns and missiles, and is commonly used to provide close air support and reinforce friendly assets. They are seen prominently in Defend Megalis.



051kt 1298

This large ice-breaker is a BFF Kojima tanker capable of operations in frozen oceans. Its durable hull can easily break through extremely thick ice flows, although its deck and Kojima storage tanks are relatively unprotected. This unit is never encountered as an enemy, and instead must be protected from a submarine attack in the mission Icebreaker Defense.


Queenslance photo

BFF’s flagship and acting headquarters, the Queenslance is a large passenger liner and operational command centre. The Queenslance itself is unarmed, although it is surrounded by a massive defensive fleet possessing considerable firepower. This ship only appears once in the Armored Core 4 mission Break the White Lance.


Titan Screenshot 2022-10-29 20-01-29

The Interior Union flagship, the Titan appears to be a reconfigured Aegis Destroyer, with the primary vertical missile systems being replaced by additional housing for crew and electronics. Typically accompanied by several escorts, it is likely that the Titan originally possessed a much larger defensive fleet before the Mimir Naval Port was attacked. The Titan is never encountered as an enemy, appearing in the mission Escape from Naval Port of Mimir as an ally and escort target.

Safi-Class Submarine[]


The Omer-designed Safi-class special operations submarine is a covert attack platform armed with EX-DAGON attack drones. The submarines themselves typically surface far from the target area to avoid retribution, and literally fill the sky with their drones.

Agadir-Class Submarine[]

The Agadir-class is an Omer-manufactured attack submarine armed with extremely long-range vertical missile launchers. In combat they typically surround their target while undetected, then surface to release their missiles.


Acfa tanker02

More commonly known as Tankers, these large cargo vessels occupy a logistics support role to other naval assets, refuelling, rearming and restocking other ships as necessary. The large quantity of volatile fuels and ammunition kept aboard is evident when these ships are destroyed, as they explode violently, damaging or destroying anything within the radius, including the player.


Specops bff

The BFF special operations ship is a streamlined stealth vessel occupying a similar combat role to the Aegis Destroyer. Although its armor is relatively light, its long-range missiles can pose a moderate threat to an average NEXT.


Battleship 2

This BFF-designed battleship is seldom encountered save for special operations and escort of high-value targets. Armed with an array of powerful long-range naval guns and spread-missile launchers, these battleships can pose a significant threat to a careless NEXT pilot.

046AC1190 / Aegis Destroyer[]


Referred to as Aegis Destroyers, these BFF-designed vessels are common naval escort ships deployed to defend other naval assets. Their armor cannot withstand NEXT-grade weaponry, although they are considerably well-armed with a series of long-range vertical missile launchers, a pair of naval gun turrets, and numerous machine guns.


Aircraft carrier

The BFF-designed aircraft carrier is a large cruiser designed to deploy and refit a variety of combat units. Aesthetically, they resemble unique supercarriers with a multiple-deck design. Although the ships themselves are only armed with a few machine gun turrets, they support the battle indirectly through the deployment of Normals and attack helicopters.



Castorpollux sketch

The CASTOR-POLLUX array is a series of Melies-designed large model anti-aircraft laser cannons, designed specifically to defend Leonemeccanica's Megalis facility. These weapons are considerably powerful, and feature an extremely long attack range and high accuracy. They feature most prominently in the missions Operation: Descent and Operation: Ascend in Armored Core 4 and in Destroy Megalis in Armored Core: For Answer.


Bald dora

These large-calibre fixed artillery pieces are hold-overs from a previous war. Although outdated, they can still deliver an impressive punch at long range, and pose a significant threat to a careless NEXT. They only appear in Armored Core 4 in the mission of the same name.



These BFF-designed sniper cannon emplacements can be found defending the Dornier Mining Facility. They outwardly resemble old-style Bofors gun emplacements, and are stabilised by five radiating arms that anchor them to the ground.


The YPSOS are large-scale Hi-Laser cannons designed by Akvavit to defend Rayleonard's Ehrenberg facilities. They are found atop the spires that encircle the main Ehrenberg tower, and boast impressive range and attack power.


These weapons are Akvavit-designed pulse cannon emplacements designed to be used in tandem with the YPSOS emplacements to defend the Ehrenberg array. The INCANTO emplacements are designed to defend against targets that are missed by the YPSOS and get up close to the Ehrenberg. They are apparently able to fire through the Ehrenberg's Primal Armor to attack the player NEXT without any loss of damage output.


These GA-manufactured heavy gun emplacements are typically used to defend high-value locations, most notably the Carpals Arteria facility. They posses reasonable range and firepower, and can be stubborn targets due to their locations.


The Powershot-B is a significantly larger and more powerful version of GA's standard Powershot gun emplacement, created specifically to defend Big Box. These weapons are positioned on the main central structure of Big Box. They are encountered in the mission Destroy the Main ORCA Forces, but their destruction is not required to complete the mission. On hard mode these emplacements will float around the mission area, becoming more of a threat.


These GA-designed weapons are large-calibre twin gun emplacements created specifically to defend Big Box. They are positioned on the three smaller towers surrounding the central Big Box structure, and are surrounded by several standard Powershot emplacements.

Large-Scale Weapons[]

For the main article, see Mobile Fortress.



The Quasar is a massive four-legged machine reminiscent of land bound battleships, and are often referred to simply as Mobile Fortresses. First appearing in the mission A Dark Night's March, the Quasar is described as being a large old type transport unit. Unlike most units, the Quasar has four legs to walk upon, making it very slow, but sturdy and unyielding. The Quasar has been outfitted with Primal Armor and multiple heavy weapons. The most notable is a large triple gun array which is capable of dealing significant damage to a NEXT, as well as several side turrets and eight vertical missile tubes. It is manufactured by GA Europe.


Fermi concept

Jointly designed by the Interior Group, the Fermi Aerial Fortress is a heavily armored airship equipped with Primal Armor, numerous missile launchers, and a large-model Hi-Laser cannon capable of devastating a NEXT. It appears most notably in the mission Firefly, although it reappears in the hard mode versions of several other missions.



The URSRAGNA is a massive experimental weapon deployed against Anatolia via the Gear Tunnel. It is armed with numerous machine guns, plasma cannons, and laser cannons, and is protected by high-density Primal Armor. It first appeared in the mission Juggernaut in Armored Core 4.

Weaker versions appear in ACFA during the mission Eliminate Procyon, but their destruction is not required to complete the mission.


Sample 76489c2daef7e3d300ca388beca85e432094d308

The Sol Dios are massive land-based weapons created by Akvavit and GA Europe. These Behemoths are protected by dense Primal Armor, and are armed with numerous machine guns, laser cannons, and the signature Sol Dios Cannon. The unfinished frames are first seen in the mission Internal Purge, but the completed weapons are only encountered once the mission of the same name.


For the main article, see Normal.



The Goppert-G3 is a heavyweight Normal AC manufactured by Aldra. It is surprisingly durable, and is equipped with a physical shield and laser rifle. The Goppert-G3 is most commonly deployed by the Interior Group, although the Maggrib Liberation Front and various other terrorist cells make extensive use of this unit as well.


Dulake class

The Type-Dulake is a lightweight Normal manufactured by Rosenthal. It occupies a similar combat role to the Goppert-G3, although it is smaller and more agile. Its is typically equipped with a rifle in its right hand, and either a laser blade or physical shield in the left.


Argine class

The Type-Argine is an Omer-designed flight-capable Normal armed with a laser rifle. It is capable of indefinite aerial combat without the need to land, although it is lightly armored compared to other Normals.



The 044-AC is a BFF-designed middleweight Normal designed for sniping. The standard variant is armed with a Normal-grade sniper rifle, although some versions are armed with a back-mounted sniper cannon as well. In combat, they typically remain stationary.


048ac s

The 048AC-S is a more advanced sniper Normal built around the 044AC. These units are armed with a standard rifle, as well as a powerful back-mounted sniper cannon that can stagger and potentially destroy a NEXT with co-ordinated fire. These units are exclusive to the BFF special forces unit, Silent Avalanche.


047ac f

This unique Normal combines BFF's aptitudes for sniper units and naval warfare. In most respects, it is identical to the standard 044AC, with the exception of a catamaran-like hull in place of standard legs. It is armed with a Normal-grade sniper rifle.



The Solarwind is a middleweight Normal AC manufactured by GA, and along with the Goppert-G3, is one of the most widely manufactured and frequently deployed. Several variations in weaponry exist, although the most common version is armed with a bazooka and spread missile launcher.


Zengame img

The Zenigame is a tank-type heavyweight Normal designed by Arisawa Heavy Industries. Although slow, they are quite heavily armored and are armed with vertical missiles and grenade cannon weapon-arms. They can pose a significant threat to a NEXT in enclosed environments where evasion is difficult and their high-explosive weaponry is more effective.



This lightweight Normal is a close-combat unit manufactured by Eqbal and later Algebra. They are quite agile, and carry a shotgun in their right hand and either a laser blade or physical blade in their left. The physical blade can cause severe damage to an unwary NEXT.



Built around the SELJQ frame, the SHAHID is propelled by reverse-joint legs allowing it to jump impressive heights. It replaces the standard loadout of the SELJQ with dual hand rockets, which they fire rapidly to stagger the player NEXT.


051ao70 ak

This experimental quadruped was designed by BFF as a specialised unit able to withstand extreme climates and hostile environments. They are armed with machine gun weapon-arms and back mounted rocket launchers, and are apparently immune to the damaging effects of Kojima radiation.

Seven examples of this unit are encountered in AC4 in the mission Futile Resistance.



This unique Normal is a defensive quadruped designed by BFF. Its right arm consists of a large energy shield capable of resisting NEXT-grade weaponry, and its left arm consists of a gatling gun. Although difficult to destroy from the front, they remain stationary in combat and are easily flanked. Unlike other Normals, this unit is unable to fly or float on water, and will sink if the building it is standing on is destroyed. They are encountered in ACFA during the mission Clear Former Chinese Shanghai.

Arms Forts[]

For the main article, see Arms Forts.

Giga Base[]


Giga Base is a factory-model amphibious AF manufactured by GA and its allies, with each contributing to different aspects of its design. It is capable of traversing both land and water, and is armed with an extensive array of weaponry including large-model cannons and missile launchers.

Land Crab[]


This factory-model AF is utilised by GA and the Interior Union. The standard models are armed with arrays of cannons and missiles, as well as four large-model gun turrets. The Interior Union variants are known as Gran-Granchio (Italian for "Great Crab") have their main guns replaced with large-model strafing lasers.

Sol Dios Orbit[]

Sample 2de2ab087278795086e25a6b8be276466c59f174

Sol Dios Orbit is a TORUS variation of the factory-model Land Crab, replacing the four main guns with Sol Dios cannons. These weapons have the unique ability to detach from their mounts and effectively orbit the Arms Fort, firing on their targets while evading return fire. Despite being built around a factory-model AF, the Sol Dios Orbit appears to be of unique design.



Stigro is a specialised naval Arms Fort designed by the Interior Union. It uses a form of overboost which allows it to move extremely quickly, and it's armed with missiles and a massive laser blade mounted on its bow in the manner of a shunt. A Stigro can devastate virtually anything caught in front of its charge, including a NEXT. Although Stigro is a factory-model AF, very few are encountered ingame.

It's encountered in the mission Attack on Naval Port of Mimir (but it doesn't move or fire), Defeat AF Stigro and as an ally (or enemy in Hard Mode) in Defeat 8'Fleet. During the mission Defeat AF Stigro (Hard Mode), the unit can launch his frontal blade like ACs with Human-Plus in earlier games.



The Eclipse is an aerial Arms Fort manufactured by Omer Science. It is capable of impressive speeds and is armed with vertical missiles and a massive AF-grade Hi-Laser on its underside. The Eclipse is a fairly rare sight on the battlefield despite being a factory model.

It's encountered in the mission Defend Megalis and Defend Anti-Satellite Cannons.



These distinctive black Arms Forts were created by ORCA based on Rayleonard technology. They are very heavily armored and cannot be destroyed by NEXT-grade weapons, save for a small exhaust vent on their dorsal surface. They are armed with plasma cannons and extremely powerful laser blades projected from lines along their hull.

Spirit of Motherwill[]


The Spirit of Motherwill is BFF's flagship Arms Fort, and one of the largest ever encountered. Its massive hexapodal frame can crush everything from NEXTs to skyscrapers underfoot, and it is armed with a massive array of missiles, cannons, and machine guns. Of particular note are a pair of enormous three-barrelled cannon turrets with an equally enormous range. The Motherwill's armor is incredibly durable, although it can be destroyed by targeting its weapon systems, causing internal damage.



Cabracan is Algebra's signature Arms Fort, resembling a massive armored tower with a large grinder on its front. Although armed with several large missile launchers and shotguns, Cabracan's main form of attack seems to be releasing huge swarms of combat drones armed with slug guns. Cabracan's armor is extremely durable, to the point where it cannot be damaged by NEXT-grade weaponry at all. It can however, be disabled by targeting its caterpillar treads under its armored skirt.

Great Wall[]

Great wall

This massive train-like Arms Fort is GA's signature AF, and is said to be the most powerful land-based weapon. Along its dorsal length, the Great Wall is armed with several enormous missile batteries and gatling-style AF-grade cannons. The Great Wall also seems to function as a mobile garage, and many inactive Normals and MT can be found inside. It's armor is impervious to NEXT-grade weapons, but it can be destroyed from the inside by targeting its main reactor.


Answerer img

The Answerer is the flagship Arms Fort of the League of Corporations, designed by both Omer Science and the Interior Union, and is the most technologically advanced AF ever created. It is armed with an extensive range of AF-grade missiles and laser cannons, and is protected by dense Primal Armor with an Assault function.

Prototype NEXTs[]



More commonly known as the Newtype or Prototype NEXT, the 002-B appears to be an early Rayleonard prototype in the development of the Armored Core NEXT. They are armed primarily with an arm-mounted laser rifle, and a long Kojima blade which can easily cleave through the PA of a NEXT. Although they lack Quick Boost functions, they appear to be able to travel faster than average NEXTs using their standard boosters. They are very rare in both AC4 and FA.



The Aretha is an extremely dangerous prototype NEXT equipped with massive weaponry and a supercharged Quick Boost capability. It is extremely agile despite its size, and is capable of performing stunning back-and-forth dodging maneuvers. The only known unit was used by Joshua O’Brien in Seed a Barren Earth where it was destroyed by Anatolia's Raven, killing Joshua.

A variant of the 00-ARETHA was used by ORCA in Armored Core: For Answer to defend the Ehrenberg anti-satellite cannons. It is encountered in the mission "Attack Anti-Satellite Batteries" on Hard Mode.


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