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Living Organism Removal is a mission in Armored Core: Nexus.


Client: Mirage

Details: Remove organisms. Destroy all bio weapons in the plant.

Advance: 24000c

Reward: 93000c

Area: Filtration Plant

Remarks: A bio sensor is recommended to aid in target acquisition.



Operator:Eliminate all targets.

Facility Commander:Raven, watch yourself in there.

Facility Commander:They've already destroyed most of the plant's defenses.

Facility Commander:Nice work Raven, those creatures really gave us a run for our money.


AMIDAs are going to crawl out from the holes located higher up in the reservoir tower. If you do not intercept them, they are going to drop on top of you from the ledges above. While there is some space to engage them comfortably on the lowest level, they might still make some unforeseen drops right on top of your AC, blowing up in the process. Even though their self-destruct explosion is not overly damaging, it is hot enough to ramp up your heat levels past danger treshold easily. If you get hit by it, retreat towards a wall to gain yourself some space while you cool down. Control your energy reserves as well, in order to not run out of them when surrounded by AMIDAs.

With that in mind, it will not be a particularly hard mission. Stay away from AMIDAs (at least more than their jumping distance), attack them with anything that can reach from a safe distance (only melee weapons and flamethrowers are unsuitable), and if they come too close for comfort, jump or fly - AMIDAs cannot reach you there (you might even take some out with a bomb dispenser Inside weapon as you fly above them). There is a delay before an AMIDA explodes when destroyed, so make use of it whenever they come too close. Whatever you do, do not let yourself get surrounded - the last thing you want is getting caught in a chain reaction of several AMIDAs exploding next to you. Once their numbers start to dwindle, you might have to reach for higher floors and mop up the stragglers there. The mission ends when all AMIDAs are removed.


Report - Koilos Lake Filtration Plant Attacked[]

A swarm of mysterious organisms descended on the Mirage-occupied water filtration plant located near Koilos Lake. All organisms were eradicated by a Raven Mirage employed to take care of the problem. Initial investigation results indicate that the organisms are the product of an advanced technological process, one which Mirage believes is beyond Navis' current capabilities.