The following are locations in Armored Core: Last Raven.

Airsul DamEdit

Located high up in the mountains, this massive structure holds back the waters of Lake Seil. The dam is a major provider of power to Circ-City, and is one of the most important facilities.

Area-R11 AC GarageEdit

A garage facility designed specifically for servicing and repairing ACs. The location was frequented by the Ravens during the heyday of Ravens' Ark, but fell into disuse after the attack launched by the unmanned suicide weapons.

Camp FortherdEdit

Located on the southern edge of the Abax Plain, Camp Fortherd is an advance base used by Alliance for preparing attacks on Circ-City. Once owned by Crest Industries, the base was taken over by Alliance when they rose to power


Circ-City is composed of numerous interconnecting areas and is home to Vertex's headquarters. Its name derives from the circle shape area that remained after the attack by the unmanned suicide weapons.

Diorgan Distribution CenterEdit

Located in the middle of Cradler mountain range, the Diorgan Distribution Center is a vital facility on the trade route linking Circ-City to the industrial region in the east. On a busy day, hundreds of tons of supplies pass through this facility.

Garav DesertEdit

A sun-scorched region located to the south of Circ-City, the Garav Desert is a harsh and inhospitable place. No group lays claim to the region, but it has become a battleground where frequent skirmishes between Alliance and Vertex forces occur.

Hordess Mining SiteEdit

A mine possessing an abundant supply of a resource easily converted into energy. Once at the center of a major dispute between the corporations, the mine is now controlled by one of the warlords.

Old Nire Industrial AreaEdit

One of the interconnecting areas that make up Circ-City, Old Nire serves as a vital choke point providing access to Vertex's headquarters. The area is continuously fought over because of this fact.

Querr Energy PlantEdit

A massive power plant that fulfills some of Circ-City's energy needs. The plants enormous cooling towers are visible from miles in any direction.

Ruga TunnelEdit

An old transport route leading to and from the mines, Ruga Tunnel still bears scars from the attack by the unmanned suicide weapons. It is currently a vital lifeline between Alliance and their forces stationed on the front lines.

Seil Hydroelectric PlantEdit

Part of Airsul Dam, this place houses the equipment that turns water power into viable energy. The plant was built to scale that makes it large enought for MTs to operate in.

Sinus AirstripEdit

Tucked away in a narrow valley, this place long served as a smuggling waypoint for one of the warlords. Jack-O eventually gained control of the facility through peaceful negotiations with the warlord in question.

Tartrus HeadquartersEdit

A military installation originally constructed by Mirage, Tartrus HQ had been outfitted with the most advanced technology of the its day, but was still unable to withstand the attack launched by the unmanned suicide weapons.

Triton Ecoactivity CenterEdit

Originally it was a research center built by Kisaragi and another unnamed organization. It was taken over by Alliance when they came to power and what goes on there now is mostly shrouded in mystery.

Versurs HighlandEdit

Located to the south of the Cradler mountain range, Versurs Highland is an area of much contention between Alliance and Vertex.

Walter Material Storage SiteEdit

A large warehouse located to the east of Circ-City, the Walter Material Storage Site is one of the first Alliance strongholds that Jack-O and Vertex managed to take control of.

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