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This page contains a comprehensive list of the different locations seen throughout Armored Core 4 and Armored Core: For Answer.

Armored Core 4 Only[]


One of the many colonies that dot the planet, Anatolia appears to have buildings modeled after Tudorbethan style architecture, giving it a refined and elegant appearance. The colony is based on both edges of a river side and is surrounded by a series of large towers. There appears to be no type of walls or defensive installations, suggesting a lack of military based infrastructure with the exception of its NEXT development program.

During the last mission, the colony is attacked by Joshua O'Brian under orders from Omer Science Technology, piloting the 00-Aretha prototype. It is destroyed as a result, and the final fate of Emil Gustav and Anatolia are for the most part left unknown, although the final sections imply that Gustav is recounting the events of AC4 several years after the mission.

Dornier Mining Station[]

Created and owned by GA, the Mining Station was floating mining section which was taken over by Aldra and occupied by their Lynx, Sherring. It was here that Aldra's Original would be defeated by Anatolia's Raven.


Located somewhere in Northern Canada, Exavil is a floating structure serving as the Rayleonard company's headquarters. It is a unique structure which is supported by multiple pillars that keep it from collapsing; it is defended multiple ships, helicopters, and various other weaponry. With the destruction of all of Rayleonard's NEXTs near the close of the Lynx War, it becomes vulnerable to attack; it is the Anatolia Raven who accepts the job and destroys the headquarters, thus marking the end of Rayleonard.


Located in Northern Australia, Gryphon the independent city was abandoned after large scale terrorists attacks, and has been occupied by various groups over an extended period of time.

Gryphon was occupied by an unidentified terrorist group when the Raven was first contracted by the Pax Economica corporations (with GA appearing to be the major benefactor due to their control of the Pacific Rim) with clearing the city. He was sent in to deal with a force consisting of ground vehicles, MTs, helicopters, and a small number of Normals. The Raven was successful in eliminating the major threats (the Normals) and was given full certification as a Lynx.

Later, Gryphon would be reoccupied, and its defenses built up with powerful Energy Cannons. The Raven would be contracted to once again deal with these defenses. He was successful in taking out the Energy Cannons despite being under heavy fire (from the Cannons as well as a squad of Normals).

At the beginning of the Lynx War, Gryphon would be occupied by forces from the Leonemeccanica and Melies (who, although still officially separate, are already being referred to as Interior), which included the Fermi Aerial Fortress. The Raven, now working almost exclusively for GA, was sent in a third time to take out the Fermi. His success appears to have permanently secured Gryphon for GA, as no further missions are carried out there.

Hazen Facility[]

Built by GA America, it would serve both as an armory and a Normal construction grounds. It is captured by a terrorist group but later cleared and retaken by Anatolia's Raven. It is also here that Rayleonard's Original Anjou would meet her end at the Raven's hands.

Heide Arsenal[]

A research and development facility owned and operated by GAE, the Heide Arsenal is a series of four "docks" where experimentals weapons are designed and built; it is well defended by Dulake Class Normals and ZENGAME units. It is here that the prototype Sol Dios technology is created. In the mission "Internal Purge," GA America hires the Anatolia Raven to clear out the GAE personnel and retake the Heide Arsenal. Its fate afterwards is unknown.

Levateer Facility[]

Located in North America, the Levanteer Facility is Rayleonard's testing ground for Professor Jarnefeldt's Prototype NEXT. Anatolia's Raven would go there and eventually eliminate the Prototype NEXTs. Unite Mons was also sent there before the Raven and was killed by the autonomous NEXTs. The facility was most likely abandoned after Rayleonard's fall.

Armored Core: For Answer Only[]


Big Box[]

Created by GA America, Big Box served as the corporations headquarters. A massive triangular building that was armed with large caliber cannons and surrounded by smaller similar buildings, Big Box was often touted to be an impenetrable fortress. It was eventually abandoned by GA after they took to the Cradles, and was taken over and used by ORCA as one of their main bases.

The base was eventually attacked by the League, led by Wynne D. Fanchon and the Protagonist, resulting in the deaths of Vaoh and Malzel, as well as the capture of Big Box. In Hard mode, the smaller buildings are shown to be able to float in the air and move about thanks to giant boosters attached to their bases.


Each airship in a Cradle is designed to hold a population of 20 million civilians at 7,000 meters above the ground.

In order to stay airborne, the Cradles' engines rely on broadcasted power from multiple power stations, known as Arteria. If the power to the cradles is cut, the airships are designed to glide back down the ground. However, if the engines are destroyed directly, then the cradles lose their ability to glide and come crashing back down.

Kitasaki Junction[]

A massive and complex interconnected highway, the Kitasaki Junction has suffered from desertification like many other places, and as a result has been abandoned. It is the battlegrounds for the mission "Defeat Unknown NEXT+ No Count."

Mimir Naval Port[]

The Naval Port of Mimir is a sea based pier/docking area for ships and water based Arms Forts. It is located within a canyon area that makes attacks from above difficult.

Old Clark Area[]

Much like the former Peace City, the Old Clark Area has undergone desertification, and is now abandoned and devoid of life. It is here that ORCA debuts their first Arms Fort.


Owned by Algebra, the PA-N51 contains Algebra's main refineries. It is protected by Bharat Squadron, and is considered a tactically defensive position as a result of the thick fog due to the massive amount of pollution which covers the area and makes it difficult for visual tracking. It is also the battlegrounds of the mission "Defeat Red Rum and Starka."

Red Valley[]

Red Valley is a former transit hub, and is crisscrossed with multiple transport routes. Because of its value, it is often fought over by the companies, mainly by GA and Interior. It serves as the battlefield for the mission "Support the Red Beret Assault".

Richland Agricultural Plant[]

The Richland Agricultural Plant is an area located in a semi-mountainous region that was created solely for the purpose of raising crops, which allows them to remain on good terms with various companies that rely on their rations. It is mainly guarded by a force of MT63-MK Mamluks and Dulake Class Normals, but was also known to have at one point had a GA made Land Crab Arms Fort. It's also here that the player face for the first time an ORCA's LYNX, Luster 18, during the mission "Defeat unknown NEXT".

Recurring Locations[]

Ehrenberg Anti-Satellite Cannons[]

The Ehrenberg is huge rectangular tower that extends high into the air and is protected by four High Impact (HI) Laser cannons housed in four smaller towers. Its base energy grid is protected by a high density Primal Armor. The Ehrenberg is capable of firing a high powered Kojima blast.

After the dissolution of Rayleonard, the Ehrenberg cannons were seized by the anti-League group ORCA and fortified. ORCA planned to use the anti-satellite cannons to destroy the Assault Cells that were blocking humanity's way to space, but didn't have enough power to actually put the cannons to use.

Former Chinese Shanghai[]

Unlike many other cities which have suffered from desertification, Shanghai was instead flooded completely, suggesting some sort of global warming and climate changed that caused the ocean to rise. It is now an uninhabited area with only buildings sticking out from the water, allowing one to identify the area. Although now deserted, it is a constant battleground among the corporations. It first appears in AC4 in the mission "Water Gliding."

It appears that GA had some sort of oil concerns in the area during Armored Core 4, as a later mission in the region involves the Anatolia's Raven fighting Aldra's Sherring on a GA owned oil platform located in an area of Shanghai where there are fewer buildings.

Former Peace City[]

Also referred to as the Abandoned city, Former Peace City is a location in Armored Core 4; like many places, it has undergone significant desertification, leaving little left in the sands except buildings which stick out in certain areas. Despite this, many battles take place here; notable Lynxs such as the MLF's Amazigh have fallen here, as well as Berlioz's super elite squad of Original NEXTs during the Battle at the Abandoned City.

Gear Tunnel[]

Gear Tunnel is long series of tunnels meant to transport supplies to and from Anatolia presumably, and possible serves as a personnel transportation means. It later serves as the backdrop for the mission in which the Raven must stop the Ursragna weapon from reaching Anatolia.


Megalis was originally built by Leonemeccanica. It is a large pillar like building which extends for hundreds of meters and is protected by multiple anti-aircraft laser cannons. It is later abandoned and taken over by Line Ark, who uses it as their lifeline to keep their society functional. Based on the players actions, Megalis is either destroyed, bringing about the end of Line Ark, or it is protected, allowing them to continue on.

The Sphere[]

Created and run by the BFF, the Sphere is a Kojima energy facility located somewhere in Antarctica, and is noted to be the largest facility of its kind and filled with cutting edge technology. As its name implies, it is a spherical shaped building with a Kojima reactor housed inside. It is defended by the famed Silent Avalanche Unit.