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ACVD - After - LoneMerc
"Lone Mercenary"
General information
Japanese name "傭兵" ("Yōhei")
Classification Human
Gender Male[1]
Affiliation and military information
Affiliation Fatman
Occupation Mercenary AC pilot
Craft Player choice
Real world information
Appearances Armored Core: Verdict Day
Armored Core: Verdict Day Official Setting Documents Collection -the AFTER-
Voice actor None

The "Lone Mercenary"[2] is an AC pilot newly partnered with legendary Storker Fatman and operator Magnolia Curtis.

In the Japanese version, he is referred to only as "傭兵" ("Yōhei"), meaning "mercenary" in English.


He participates in the events leading up to the Verdict War where he is one of the many AC pilots targeted by the enigmatic Reaper Squad. The mercenary destroys numerous high ranking and legendary mercenaries as well as multiple large-scale weapons like the To-605 and Grey Lotus and overcomes unfavorable odds, such as consecutively fighting and defeating five Armored Cores in one encounter.[3] By the end, he annihilates the Reaper Squad and prevents The Foundation's attempt at overthrowing the Three Forces.[4][5]

AC C03 Malicious[]

While the player is able to customize the Lone Mercenary's AC based on their preference, his canon AC is a middleweight biped AC armed with a HEAT machine gun, a KE shield, and Sniper Cannon weapon arms. It is oriented towards KE defense and not much else, leaving it vulnerable to most other weapons, and its loadout is not very versatile. However, the sheer power of its Sniper Cannon is so great that it can ignore defenses and shields to do incredible damage, allowing it to be quite effective against most ACs, especially against less agile and mobile types, making them considerably easy pickings. This, however, comes at the cost of low ammo and high difficulty of use due to its need to be manually aimed.

C03 Malicious
Classification: Armored Core

Assembly Type

Booster: 154
HB: 307

KE: 2313
CE: 547
TE: 558


Head: H12 Swallowtail
Core: C03 Malicious
Arms: A04 Vampire
Legs: L03 FreQuency

FCS: Fs-L-E28
Generator: Ge-D-G23
Booster: BA-214
Recon Unit: RA-103

Shoulder Unit: N/A
R Arm Unit: AU25 Kalong

Power: 832
Rapid Fire: 20
Accuracy: 77

L Arm Unit: AM/SHA-109

Power: N/A
Rapid Fire: N/A
Accuracy: N/A

Ultimate Weapon: None
R Bay Unit: None

Power: N/A
Rapid Fire: N/A
Accuracy: N/A

L Bay Unit: None

Power: N/A
Rapid Fire: N/A
Accuracy: N/A

Total Weight: 6,305
Stability: 1,067
Recoil Resistance: 1,218
Turning Performance: 734
Energy Recovery: 7,142
Repair Cost: 234,900

AP: 33,607
Total Load: 4,725
Loading Capacity: 5,904
Total EN Consumption: 10,388
EN Output: 17,530


The Lone Mercenary is the main protagonist and player character of Armored Core: Verdict Day. Like previous Armored Core player characters, he does not speak and is neither named nor given a physical appearance; additionally, his acknowledged skill level in the story increases as the plot progresses like with his predecessors. His AC is featured in the cover art and promotional material for Armored Core: Verdict Day and on FromSoftware's Armored Core-related websites.

SIGNS UNAC S/04 is a recreation of his AC. It sports the Signs logo, the standard Signs UNAC color scheme, and is available for Story Mode and World Mode sorties.



  • Based on in-game dialogue and plot points, the Lone Mercenary canonically fought most of his battles alone. In-game, however, the player is allowed to bring UNACs and other players on sorties with them and choosing to do so does not impact the story or dialogue.


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