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AffiliationRavens' Nest
CraftAC Valkyrie
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AppearancesArmored Core
Armored Core: Nexus

Losvaize is a Raven appearing in Armored Core. She is ranked #2 in the Rankings. She pilots a bipedal sniper AC and is quite capable as an AC pilot.


Losvaize ranks among the Ravens' Nest's top Ravens. While contracting with the Gal City guard, she faces off against The Raven during the mission Attack Urban Center. Her fate is left unknown as The Raven can either choose to defeat her in a firefight or evade her shots, escaping the area. If defeated in Gal City, Losvaize disappears from the manifest of ranking Ravens.


  • "All targets destroyed"(upon destroying all the missiles in Destroy Security Net)
  • "Switching to primary objective"(betrays you and starts to fight you in the mission)


While Losvaize never speaks throughout the game, her actions of defending Gal City show that she is an honorable pilot who highly values justice.

AC ValkyrieEdit



Valkyrie is a white lightweight bipedal AC designed primarily for sniping. Its main weapon is a long-range sniper rifle. Valkyrie's specially modified back weapon, a customized slug gun, is capable of dealing tremendous damage because it fires at a much faster rate than normal, similar to Nine-Ball's pulse rifle. The slug gun can throw ACs across the map with its automatic fire and heavy stun ability.


Armored CoreEdit

Armored Core NexusEdit


Losvaize appears as an enemy during the final minute of the mission Attack Urban Center.

In-Game InformationEdit

According to the pilot description "Thought to be a woman from the name of her AC, yet nothing certain is known. A top-ranking Raven.", it is unclear whether Valkyrie's pilot is a man or a woman.

Strategy - Armored CoreEdit

In the mission Attack Urban Center, Losvaize appears during the final minute. During this short amount of time, Losvaize will typically move towards the player whilst using her Sniper Rifle, before switching to the Slug Gun when in range. However, due to the large amounts of cover on the map, Losvaize will struggle to kill most players within the short time remaining. Destroying Valkyrie will net the player a large bonus.

Strategy - Armored Core NexusEdit

10-18-2010 5-27-34 PM

Losvaize as seen in the Armored Core Nexus REVOLUTION disc.

The Armored Core Nexus Revolution disc features a remake of Armored Core's Attack Urban Center mission. It has the track "In My Heart more heart", a remake from a track from Armored Core 3, playing as the levels theme. The mission is identical to the original in almost every aspect. The graphics have been enhanced to Armored Core Nexus standards and you can use your AC's from the AC Nexus Evolution disc. The mission, naturally, sees the return of Losvaize and AC Valkyrie, playing the same role as she did back in AC1. Valkyrie has been remastered with Armored Core Nexus parts that are based on its original setup. Her fighting technique hasn't changed and she never uses the EO on her core; her slug gun, however, has been given an upgrade, allowing it to fire like a machine gun. Also, her AP has been increased since Armored Core, despite being a mission AC.

In the extended mission in AC Nexus Revolution, AC Valkyrie appears again to help you against a huge swarm of homing Missiles. After they have all been destroyed, however, she turns on you and she must be defeated to complete the mission. This time, however, she doesn't use her slug gun. She can be attacked early on in the mission, before all missiles are destroyed. This will force her to attack you earlier than expected.

In the reverse mission, you play Losvaize's role in Attack Urban Center, where you must assist the MT squadron in eliminating another AC called FreeBird, which fills the role that the player did in the mission.



The name Losvaize is a misspelling from the Japanese katakana ロスヴァイセ, which originally meant Rossweisse/Roßweiße, referring to one of the Valkyries in Richard Wagner's play Die Walküre. This Valkyrie motif is replicated on the helm design in her emblem, complete with the correct romanization of her name, as well as the part choice, with the HD-GRY-NX shaped like a Norse helmet.

The name Valkyrie refers to the host of female figures in Norse Mythology who choose those who may live or die in battle.


  • Losvaize's emblem can be acquired in the Armored Core Nexus Revolution disc by getting an at least an A Rank in all missions in chapter 6. An interesting note would be that the emblem itself does not appear on AC Valkyrie's left shoulder, nor do any of the other classic AC's emblems.
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