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Lucky - Emblem

Lucky's Emblem

Lucky is a Raven in Armored Core: Nine Breaker. He is ranked 15th in the Arena.


This AC comes decked out with machine guns and a grenade launcher. The pilot uses these weapons to great effect, never giving his opponents a moment to rest.

AC Star Flare[]

Star Flare is a four-legged AC equipped with a pair of machine guns as its main weapons and a grenade launcher on the left back unit.

AC Star Flare

AC Star Flare


For a Ranker that sits right in the middle of the Arena ladder, he poses little challenge. This Raven will attempt to fly about you while bombarding with machine gun rounds. Occasionally, Lucky will switch to his grenade launcher, but since Star Flare does not have OP-INTENSIFY, he can’t use it while flying but can only do so while ground boosting. Due to his rather decent defense & damage output, keeping at a distance while engaging him is advised, and weapons like laser rifles, rifles & his own machine guns work well on him. Orbit cannons also do good damage to him as he has limited mobility. If you maintain your distance, Lucky might stop in place sometimes and keep hopping outside of effective range of his weapons, leaving him an easy target for sniping weapons. Other than that, due to his lacking mobility he is an easy prey to any armament that can engage at middle or long distance, and his only missile defence is the Core missile interceptor gun, which will falter to a dedicated missile build.