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Lumberjack is a Raven who appears in Armored Core 2: Another Age.


Lumberjack hires the Raven for a mission near the Burroughs Hill battlefield. He wants to take out another Raven who stands in his way in the Arena, but that is just a trick to fool the Raven. In reality he himself was hired by an unknown employer along with Deerhunter to take out the Raven. He is encountered in the mission Eliminate the Raven.


  • "Thanks for coming. Sorry to have to disappoint you, but there’s no target AC. I was hired to take you out. Prepare to meet your maker."

AC Billboard[]

Billboard is a middleweight reverse joint AC and is designed as a missile boat. It is equipped with an inside decoy dispenser, missile launcher weapon arms, a pursuit missile launcher which takes up both back weapon slots and an overboost core.


Lumberjack is only dangerous if you don't have any sort of defensive advantages against missiles. Since his weapons are all missile-based weaponry, they can be easily averted with decoys or by simply dodging the trajectories of the missiles. In addition to these, Lumberjack will also pop out his own missile decoys but they're the least of your concern unless you are using missiles yourself against him. As expected for a missile boat AC like his, Lumberjack harbors much lesser AP and defense due to his loadout, and can easily fall to heavy and powerful weaponry. The Karasawa is a decent choice, as it possesses enough ammo and power to down him in short time. Going up close and slashing him in his face with a powerful blade like the Moonlight also works (though for this tactic make sure you're not directly in front of him, he has a bad penchant of firing his pursuit missile pods up close, which can deal serious damage even to heavily armored ACs).



  • Lumberjack's top quote "Sorry to have to disappoint you" (騙して悪いが) has become a slang in japanese Armored Core fandom for a betrayal or setup missions which is a traditional since the first game.