Lumberjack is a Raven who appears in Armored Core 2: Another Age.
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Lumberjack hires the Raven for a mission near the Burroughs Hill battlefield. He wants to take out another Raven who stands in his way in the Arena, but that is just a trick to fool the Raven. In reality he himself was hired by an unknown employer along with Deerhunter to take out the Raven. He is encountered in the mission Eliminate the Raven.

AC BillboardEdit

Billboard is a middleweight reverse joint AC and is designed as a missile boat. It is equipped with an inside decoy dispenser, missile launcher weapon arms, a pursuit missile launcher which takes up both back weapon slots and an overboost core.


A highly dangerous foe. He has decoys that shields him against YOUR missiles, while he continues to bombard you with HIS missiles. His missiles do hurt and a good way to avoid them is to do the same (equip missile decoys). It may waste some ammo cost, but it's worth it. Other than the missiles, Lumberjack is somewhat poorly armored and so he shouldn't be too much of a problem. Besides that, try to save some ammo for the following fight with Deerhunter. Take note: Deerhunter is much MORE dangerous than Lumberjack, so you'll NEED enough AP to fight him.


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