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UniverseAC4 Universe
AppearancesArmored Core 4
Armored Core: For Answer

A Lynx (Links in the original Japanese version, and LINX in the American release of Armored Core 4) is a pilot of the new generation of Armored Cores, called NEXTs. Lynx are AC pilots who have a degree of compatibility with the Allegorical Manipulation System (AMS) allowing them to operate NEXTs.


Due to the unique design of the AMS interface, only pilots with a certain psychic trait can pilot a NEXT. Generally speaking, the higher the AMS compatibility, the higher the overall performance; this is true in the case of Lynx such as Joshua O'Brien, Otsdarva, and Gerald Gendlin, whose high compatibility allowed them a greater degree of control over their machines

Conversely, those with low compatibility suffered from weaker control over their machines and larger amounts of psychic stress, such as in the case of Malzel or Don Colonel. Exceptions did exist, like low compatibility Lynxes such as Amazigh, who instead took lethal levels of psychic stress in return for greater control of his NEXT, and Hari, whose unique AMS compatibility allowed him to fight for only short periods of time before having to make a temporary withdraw and calm down before attacking again.

Comparison to RavensEdit

While being very similar to their precursor the Ravens, Lynx have quite a few differences. Unlike Ravens, they did not have a strong third party organization, and were instead limited by the actions they could take. Collared, the Lynx equivalent of the Ravens' Nest, is noted as being "a mere shell of what it was intended to be" with no real power over the Lynx. Unlike Ravens, Lynx usually serve under a specific company instead of working independently. While there were independent Lynx so to speak, their numbers were so small that they can be considered an exception rather than a rule.

Another key note is the lowered expectations and fulfillment of duties in missions. Whereas a Raven would complete a mission even if it meant dying in the process, Lynx will flee if given the chance. This can be best noted when using a consort in Armored Core: For Answer; if the Lynx takes too much damage, they will flee, whereas in older iterations Ravens would fight until they were killed. However, this may be on the orders of corporations; individual Lynx and their NEXTs were exceptionally valuable (the highest number of Lynx active at one time in history was no more than forty, immediately prior to the beginning of the Lynx War), and mission failure may have been considered an acceptable alternative to the destruction of the NEXT.


  • The Aspina colony was noted for using test subjects to experiment with this new technology, producing Lynx such as Joshua O'Brien, CUBE, and Julius Emery.
  • Lynx are vaguely similar to Newtypes and other similar phenomenon from the Gundam Franchise.
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