The Lynx War was a massive war that erupted between the five major corporations. It was started by the company Rayleonard.


Despite the breakthroughs in technology that Rayleonard had managed to make, it became increasingly apparent that their fragility as a newer company was beginning to show. As a result, they began making riskier and more direct attacks on other groups.

Pushed to a point of desperation, the Rayleonard group and its ally Akvavit pooled their NEXT resources and launched a large-scale surprise assault on all of the other corporations. The war escalated during the battle at the Abandoned city, where Rosenthal's elite pilot Leonhardt, Omer's talented princess Mido Auriel, and Anatolia's Mercenary, defeated Akvavit's and Rayleonard's squad of elite Originals, Berlioz, P. Dam, Unseel, and Zanni. This culminated with the destruction of Exavil, Rayleonard's headquarters, and the Sol Dios Cannons developed by Akvavit. Together with the help of Aspina's Joshua O'Brien, Anatolia's Mercenary destroyed the corporations of Akvavit and Rayleonard.


At the end of the Lynx War, the Rayleonard group and all but one of their NEXTs (Shinkai) were destroyed. Corporations such as Omer and Eqbal lost many of their NEXTs, and for the most part, the rest of the corporations suffered serious losses as well. Many colonies were destroyed during the war. In addition, Kojima contamination was unleashed upon the land setting the events for Armored Core: For Answer.