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The MEBT-OX/MB is an Extension part that first appeared in Armored Core 3 and later Silent Line: Armored Core.



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Part Description[]

Multi-directional auxiliary booster.

Part Statistics[]

  • Part Type: Extension - Multi Booster
  • Manufacturer: Mirage
  • Price: 24,000c
  • Weight: 152
  • Energy Drain: 258
  • Boost Power: 17000
  • Charge Drain: 5400
  • Reload Time: 94


This part can be unlocked during the mission Rescue Survey Team.

Upon starting the mission, proceed normally down the short hallway, turning right to face the Hover MTs. Continue along this path checking the sewer drains on the left. The part should be found as you begin closing in on the survey's team location.


Armored Core 3

Silent Line: Armored Core


  • In the Nexus-Last Raven era, this extension part is remade as E08BM-REMORA.
  • True to the description, this booster actually allows to boost in multiple directions, since the boosters themselves can rotate vertically. The thrust vector will depend on your aimline: neutral level results in a forward boost; look up to boost upwards; and look down for the reverse (if boosting downwards on the ground, the boost will be hampered to a large degree). The aforementioned REMORA successor part retains this ability.
  • This booster also features a particular glitch: its momentum is perserved for the duration of the booster effect, which lasts for about one second. Within this time, the AC gains highly increased speed that is maintained no matter the taken maneuver. With some practice, this bug can be exploited to carry such gained momentum with sudden turns and steps in different directions, drastically enhancing manueverability and evasion ability. The glitch is removed in the REMORA part starting with Armored Core Nexus - from there on, the multi booster only allows a single boost direction per use. (On the other hand, both Armored Core 3 and Silent Line in Portable version kept the old glitch of OX/MB booster)