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The MOONLIGHT is a laser blade that appears in all Armored Core games and often boasts the best power/blade length ratio of all blades.



The WL-MOONLIGHT activated.


The LS-MOONLIGHT blade wave

Typically speaking, the MOONLIGHT is the most powerful laser blade in the series. It appears in all Armored Core games, and is almost always the heaviest blade available. It usually produces a distinctive blue-colored blade of energy, often with the longest range out of all the other competing laser blades. Its Blade wave also tends to be a bit more thicker and wider than most other Blade waves.

The MOONLIGHT is often paired with the KARASAWA laser rifle, originally the best laser rifle in the series. This part combination is frequently used by the highest ranking ACs. However, with the KARASAWA's gradual decline in power, and general usefulness, this combination was rarely used.

The combination returns in Armored Core: For Answer, although the KARASAWA has been rechristened as CANOPUS and the MOONLIGHT's blade changed to purple. These two weapons, when used in concert correctly, can be quite devastating, but utilize great amounts of energy in doing so.

Armored Core[]



Found in the mission Kill "Struggle" Leader, the LS-99-MOONLIGHT is found at the bottom of a long chamber with multiple beams running across it. At the bottom, there is a small stone altar with the blade on it. Contrary to its successors, the LS-99 has the shortest blade length of all the available laser blades, but boasts the highest attack power, doubly so with its blade wave provided by Human PLUS.

Armored Core 2[]



In the mission Rescue Research Team, there is a room where a platform takes you across. If you drop off of it, there is a miscolored tile that, when shot at enough, blows up revealing a room below. The room is very similar to the one in Armored Core but it is smaller. At the end, the LS-MOONLIGHT sits on an altar like it was in Armored Core.

Armored Core 3[]



Unlike the the other two Armored Core games, Armored Core 3 has the MLB-MOONLIGHT in a very difficult task: destroy the massive MT in the mission Destroy Massive MT without a consort. The mission is tough without one but not impossible. On the first playthrough, it is probably best to skip trying to get the MOONLIGHT as the Massive MT is powerful and can easily take down any AC, including a PLUS. After beating the game and getting the OP-INTENSIFY, the task could become easier. After gaining most of the OP-INTENSIFY upgrades, the fight becomes less challenging. With a bit of practice understanding the mission layout and enemy ai, it can be possible to obtain this part on a first playthrough.


The following information is "gray area" content — it may not be completely factual, and/or falls under YMMV territory.

If you wish to avoid the fight all together there is a way to beat in 3 hits. Perhaps as an omage to the -True Blader- who will try to attack with one at least once no matter the enemy, the MT was terribly weak against Laser blades. If one were to charge the unit as soon as the mission started, climbing to the thinest part of the torso, slamming into it and then activating your Laser blade, a heavy full on hit would damage it enough to seperate, instantly triggering a cutscene. Directly after the scene if you continue to swing and the blade is still in rage to achive a lock, a second and a third hit will destroy its base." --Anthropomorph

Silent Line; Armored Core[]

In Silent Line: Armored Core the MLB-MOONLIGHT is available at the start of the game in the shop.

Armored Core: Nexus[]

In Nexus, the WL-MOONLIGHT can be found through the Revolution disc. It is obtained by completing Chapter 14: Remake in 60 seconds or less.

Armored Core 4[]



Now, unlike the other Armored Core games, the 07-MOONLIGHT is given out as a reward for destroying Anjou, the pilot of Orleans, in the mission Jardin De Chavilier.

In this universe, the MOONLIGHT was created by the Rayleonard Group, and was still listed as experimental as of AC4.

Armored Core: For Answer[]

The 07-MOONLIGHT is obtained by defeating the NEXT Split Moon in the ORCA ranked matches. The MOONLIGHT's energy blade color changed from blue to purple. It doesn't have the highest attack power, but has the 2nd longest blade, making it the most useful blade in the game on paper for single swing attacks. However, there was more to consider when it came to using a Laser Blade in this series; such as reactivation speed and attack type forced into by leg type. (Humanoid Inside to out upward swipe, Reverse-Joint Outside to in downward swip, and Quad-Leg and Tank Style Stab) Larger blades suffered greatly when it came to reactivation speed as they could be punished horribly by lighter and much faster blades such as the "Hanger" varients.


The 07-MOONLIGHT has the fourth highest attack power of all the blades in AC:FA, but its large blade makes it easier to use (none of the more powerful blades have a range of more than 6 metres).

Plus, the most powerful blade, the one known as KIKU, degrades quickly with each use, eventually causing the weapon to become "worn down" making it useless after a certain number of attacks. This basic rule applies to all ballistic blades except the DOZAR, which relies on pure crushing force with a relatively large solid blade and a very wide edge.

Regulation 1.4[]

Part Type Laser Blade
Manufacturer Rayleonard
Attack Power (EN) 18200
PA Attenuation 13010
PA Penetration 6060
Impact Force 2335
Blade Range 16
Attack Latency 75
Activation Cost (EN) 2301
Weight 716
EN Cost 1666

Armored Core V[]


The LB-66 Moonlight

The MOONLIGHT returns in three incarnations, the LB-66 Moonlight and the X100 MOONLIGHT and the X099 ANOTHER MOON; the last is a purple bladed variant. This variant is unique to the Japanese game and was only able to be obtained by those who pre-ordered Armored Core: Last Raven Portable.



Armored Core VI has two versions of the Moonlight Sword: the IA-C01W2: MOONLIGHT, and the IA-C01W7: ML-REDSHIFT. Both weapons do not generate their own dedicated blade for slashing attacks, instead firing large blade waves composed of both energy and pulse damage. Charging the blade will fire a massive wave of pulse and energy in a wide area in front of the user. The MOONLIGHT fires off the traditional blue-green waves of energy with an emphasis on charged attack damage, while the ML-REDSHIFT fires red beams that deals more normal attack damage but less charged attack damage than the MOONLIGHT.

The IA-C01W2: MOONLIGHT can be found in Reach the Coral Convergence at the lake underneath the large bridge.


  • The MOONLIGHT's name comes from the Holy Moonlight Sword, featured in From Software's first game King's Field. As a reference to King's Field most From Software games, Armored Core included, have some form of sword weapon whose name includes "Moonlight," whenever appropriate.