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The MT-09E-OWL is an MT model that debuts in Armored Core: Nexus.

MT-09E-OWL 2



Mirage's flagship model, The OWL is a high end humanoid Muscle Tracer and competing unit to Crest's CR-MT85M. Despite being armed with only a standard rifle, it is easily one of the most dangerous MTs ever created. To supplement its lack of additional weapons, the OWL was equipped with an ECM device, making lock-on difficult; the ECM effect grows considerably in the presence of multiple OWLs. Not only is it very quick it is capable of vertical boosting, something that was originally limited to Armored Cores. Despite this, this unit is well armored, making it very difficult to take down. It has been shown that in the right hands, it is a very deadly weapon surpassing that of even its heavily armed rival, the 85M.

Partnered up with an AC and they can become near undefeatable against all but the most skilled Ravens.


  • Rifle
  • Rocket Launcher (optional)
  • ECM Maker


These guys are an actual threat to an AC, especially in numbers. Their ECM makes it hard to rely on slow lock on FCSs and their rifles do good damage. The best tactic is to blade them as they're easy to attack in this fashion. Stay mobile and you won't have too many problems with this MT.