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MT Suppression is a mission in Armored Core 2.


Requester: Zio Matrix

Advance: 0

Upon success: 27000

Theater of operations: Bundle MT Factory

Enemy forces: MTs

Objective: Destroy all MTs

File No: G-MC-0047

Code Name: Bad Boys

Client: Zio Matrix

Opponent: None

Place: Bundle MT Factory

Weather: Rain

Mission Start Time: 16:30

Estimated Success Rate: 96%


Prototype MTs are malfunctioning and running loose in the Bundle MT
Factory. The cause of this may be the electromagnetic field surrounding
a meteor that fell nearby.

As the malfunctioning MTs are only prototypes they are weakly armed.
No major damage is expected, but we cannot let them run amok.

Your mission assignment is the destruction of all malfunctioning MTs.
Good luck.



Nell: "The gates between Blocks have been closed to prevent the damage from spreading."

Nell: "Destroy all MTs in each of the Blocks. Doing so will open the blocks one by one."

Nell: "The gate lock to Block B has been released."

Nell: "The gate lock to Block C has been released."


This is actually a straightforward but also can be rather tricky type of mission. The MTs in this level are weak, but the bullets they fire can actually strip off quite a lot of health if you let them surround you, this can be avoided by not straying too far out from the door that you open to face them. Aside from that, this mission is doable even with the Starter AC.



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