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MT Training Exercise is a mission in Armored Core 3.


Requester: Kisaragi

Advance: 0

Upon success: 0

Operation Area: Barrel Dam

Enemy Forces: MTs x 5

Objective: Survive the training exercise

Operation Code: Bird-Watching

Client Name: Kisaragi

Place Name: Barrel Dam

Start Time: 14:00

Security Level: 4

Estimated Success Rate: 44%

Recommended Raven Rank: C


We'd like you to participate in a training exercise with our troops. Their MTs have been outfitted with new missile launchers that need to be tested in a live fire situation.

You'll play the role of a target for their attacks, avoid as many of the missiles launchers as possible. A bonus is available depending upon your performance

Equip your AC however you feel appropriate, but under no circumstance are you to return fire. Destroying any of the MTs will reflect negativity on your income report.



Kisaragi Commander:Treat this as you would a real engagement. We want to see you in top form.

Kisaragi Commander:Raven, you were instructed not to return fire! We weren’t kidding!

Kisaragi Commander:Can’t you guys hit him even once?

Kisaragi Commander:I can’t believe they didn’t hit you once. That was truly impressive!

Kisaragi Commander:The exercise went well. Thanks.

Kisaragi Commander:Not bad. Thanks for your help.




This mission is a bit of a warm up for the storm ahead and basically exists as a test to how well you can dodge as well as how quick your AC is. All you're to do is simply avoid getting hit by the MTs' missile barrage, but you are not to fire at anyone as this is nothing more than an exercise. Destroying any one of the MTs will result in mission failure. Other than that, use whatever AC you deem best, and you have to last two minutes. However, it is highly recommended that you build a very light and agile unit, preferably with both missile decoys and missile interception extensions, but without any actual weapons. Such AC design will maximize your speed and available Energy.

If you do not get hit even once up until the time limit expires, then you will be rewarded with the KWM-AD-50 ammo expansion back part as an extra prize for your performance. One way to help accomplish this is to head left immediately after the mission starts (no missiles fire for about five seconds), going towards the corner of the mission area. Oftentimes, this position cuts in half the amount of MTs shooting at you throughout the mission, as the three MTs farther away typically will not be in range at the beginning, before moving on your spot later. The MTs will only ever fire the missiles in dual volleys. At first, the missiles are going to be fired with several seconds of interval, only to ramp up in pace several attacks later; if you wish, you might delay deploying decoys or extensions at first in favour of physical evasion, before the missile launches become more rapid.

Keep the dam wall to your left, use your decoys wisely (remember that a single decoy might attract an unlimited amount of missiles before destruction, making them extra precious for evading multiple volleys coming your way), and dodge if your decoys fail to catch the missiles. It is possible, if you're lucky and skilled enough, to steer the missiles into the dam wall and destroy them prematurely. Taking to the air is not recommended since letting gravity take its course may lead to you falling right into a missile or two--furthermore, your horizontal mobility is hampered while in the air. Reverse-joint legs might be used for their high jump ability, as a last-second vertical dodge maneuver; however, it is somewhat risky as you may have to contend with another missile volley before you come back to the ground.

Your maneuvering space is also fairly limited: you start off near the edge of operational zone, so there is little space to retreat and gain distance for more reaction time. Moreover, the area ceiling border is also fairly low, thus it is not recommended to try to dodge the missiles while airborne. Furthermore, from your starting position, you will be facing the MTs defilade (all of them in front of you in a row), making missile evasion extra difficult due to the wide potential angle of approach of the missiles. From there, the more extreme volleys will be fired unseen, making the missile sensor necessary to detect the incoming attack in time. In order to escape this unfavourable positioning, go to the left side of the dam reservoir as aforementioned, and face the MTs enfilade (one after another in a queue before you, roughly speaking). This way you will have a much better overview of the actions of your exercise partners, while they are going to have problems with attack range and formation, as they will have to waste time going after you - often blocking one another in the process - making the whole affair markedly easier for you.

You also have to keep in mind that you need to maintain enough distance from the MTs to give yourself sufficient reaction time. The faster you are, the less space you need, but if you find yourself right in front of one of the MTs, you better move back immediately (while dropping a decoy if you have one) before they fire a volley you cannot move away from in time. You also have to be wary of the area limitations, especially if you are going to stay near the dam's wall - if you are too close, you might fly right into it while taking evasive action, potentially blocking you from successfully avoiding a missile volley.

Above all else, stay mobile--a wall of decoys can only do so much, as with missile interception extensions and cores. Do not stand still in anticipation - if you are caught off guard while immobile, you might not accelerate fast enough to dodge. Remember to move a little from every deployed decoy - not too close or you might still get hit by a stray missile, and not too far or the missiles will ignore the decoy completely. Missile interception lasers work best when facing the incoming missiles upfront. Even this is not foolproof--you're still quite likely to get hit. Thus, do not expect for the antimissile measures to do all the work for you, and be prepared to dodge any missile manually (this is especially true of the AMS extensions).

Alternately, make sure to use the anti-missile OP, and ditch the anti-missile extensions in favor of stealth. With a super lightweight AC, Fleet and Roz, all the mobility OPs, a core with missile interception, a back radar for real-time missile visiblity and seeing their firing timing, the 20-ammo decoys, and stealth, you can head left at the beginning and wait for the first missiles to be fired, then face the MTs and only move laterally, from the far left to the far right and back. Don't take your eyes off the radar and drop decoys when fired at for the first minute, then activate the stealth extension and use decoys when necessary for the second minute while continuing to move, and you should only ever have to dodge a few missiles, which you can easily do with aerial mobility. Needless to say, this will earn both the KWM-AD-50 and the S-rank, in addition to 50 000 Credits.