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Machine Guns are a rapid fire weapon and is very dangerous, especially up close. Machine Guns are notable for their low damage but high ammo capacity. Especially when heat was added to the game, Machine Guns are capable of devastating enemies with their high rate of fire, ripping through enemies.



MCL-SS/ORCA, a core with EN machine gun-type exceed orbit

  • Machine Gun- The standard machine gun comes in a number of "calibers" with the most powerful typically (although not always the case) having the lowest ammo capacity and the inverse holding true as well. They are the most common of these types.
  • Energy Machine Gun- Eventually replaced in Armored Core V, the Energy Machine Gun typically has higher attack power but (in most instances) lower ammo capacity than the Machine Gun. First introduced in Master of Arena, these are most cost effective of them but they do consume a lot of energy.
  • Pulse Machine Gun- The replacement of the Energy Machine Gun in Armored Core V, the Pulse Machine Gun works in the exact same way as the Energy Machine Gun including it's positives and negatives.


In the original Armored Core games, the Machine Gun is capable of dealing a lot of damage in a short amount of time although, due to its low attack power, those with high Defense won't take a lot of damage and the player will have to take a lot of time to punch through the armor. In later games, their accuracy has been reduced and this makes them a lot less powerful due to the damage being based solely on DPS (Damage Per Second) and this means that they have to be used in close quarters combat.

In Nexus, Machine Guns were given magazine capacity which prevents them from firing in large, automatic bursts. While this may be useful, in terms of saving ammo, they did not get an improvement in accuracy and this makes them somewhat difficult to use. It is more important to test the accuracy of a machine gun out before using it because some models are more accurate than others.

Notable Users[]


A top ranked Raven in Armored Core: Master of Arena, Ernst sports a machine gun as his main weapon. Owing to his skill level as a top ranker, he uses it quite well and is very accurate with it, making it paramount to dodge his shots to secure a victory.

Nineball Seraph[]

The final boss of Master of Arena, Nineball Seraph is a custom AC that features an extremely rapid fire machine gun as part of its arsenal, in addition to its laser cannon, missiles & laser blade. Its machine gun can rip apart AP in a matter of seconds, making it paramount for the player to secure victory. The Nineball Seraph that appears in Armored Core 2: Another Age also retains this weapon, albeit it now fires in a dual-machine gun like configuration, it is equally deadly as well due to its rapid fire rate & heat output, making this one an equally dangerous foe.

D. Sebastian[]

A top-ranking Raven in Armored Core 2's Arena, D. Sebastian has a machine gun equipped as his main weapon, along with a blade, triple rockets & a plasma cannon. He will usually resort to taking to the skies while raining down constant fire from his machine gun, making it paramount for the player to avoid as much of his shots as possible to win. His tendency to remain close to his opponents while using his machine gun makes him a rather dangerous foe up close.


A Martian Raven who appears in Armored Core 2 Another Age, he uses 2 ACs during his encounter with the player, the first of which features an energy machine gun as his main weapon. He is a rather adept user of the weapon which makes him somewhat dangerous but not unbeatable. Since he does not use Human PLUS on his first AC, he is still a relatively easy foe to put down due to the fact that his use of the energy machine gun drains out his energy reserves, forcing him to recover energy by being grounded.


An enigmatic Raven who appears in Armored Core 3's Arena, Exile pilots a hover-legged AC that sports CROW stealth extensions, a machine gun & the MOONLIGHT laser blade. He relies mainly on his extensions to prevent the enemy from locking-on while he dishes out a continuous stream of gunfire from his machine gun, preventing the player from doing much else other than dodging. Owing to Exile's skill level, he is an adept user of the machine gun, making him a dangerous foe in close range combat. Added with his increased mobility thanks to his use of hover legs makes Exile an even more difficult opponent to defeat normally.

Etzam Nar[]

The No.1 Ranker of Armored Core: Nine Breaker, Etzam Nar's main weapons are a pair of machine guns, one of which is an energy machine gun. She also sports a dual missile launcher on her back but she doesn't use them as much. Etzam is highly skilled in using her machine guns which makes her a very dangerous foe at close range. Coupled with the fact that she uses OP-INTENSIFY it makes her even more dangerous as she can continually hover around while laying down fire on her opponents with her machine guns. For this reason, engaging her at longer ranges are recommended since her weapon loadout is geared for close-to-mid range fights.