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Magazines are a Back Weapon technically but only serve to improve the ammo capacity of the other weapons. Initially there were only General Magazine but Solid Magazines were added in Armored Core 2 but didn't appear in Armored Core 3. For Nexus to Last Raven, the system was replaced with shoulder versions that only reload a specific type of weapons (rifles and laser rifles respectively) and by Armored Core 4, they have been removed.

General Magazine[]

This version appears in almost all of the games that the Magazine appears, the General Magazine boosts ammo by a specific amount, typically a percentage. First appearing in Project Phantasma, the General Magazine was a reward for winning in the Arena. Initially it increased ammo capacity by 50% but this was reduced drastically in Master of Arena. All later versions have reduced improvements except for the dual back parts.

Solid Magazine[]

Only appearing in Armored Core 2, the Solid Magazine, naturally boosts ammo capacity of all Solid weapons, naturally. However they only appear in the second generation of games.

Shoulder Magazine[]

This appears in Nexus to Last Raven as the general replacement for Magazines. These reload an equipped rifle or laser rifle (depending on the Magazine time) and it works only once or twice depending on the model type.


While the concept of Magazines seem appealing, typically a third weapon can be more useful especially in times of harsh combat. Typically weapons with naturally high ammo capacity (Machine Guns, Rifles, Hand Guns and some energy weapons) benefit the most from these "weapons." Weapons like the KARASAWA or even worst, like the Large Missile are not very well suited, only gain a few shots from them and really, a third weapon is more useful. For non Human PLUS pilots, the Magazine can be much more useful as the primary weapon has to be the arm weapon due to the fact that cannons, one of the major damage dealers, are very hard to use.