The Maggrib Liberation Front (MLF) is a group seen in Armored Core 4 and was one of many groups destroyed by the Anatolia Raven. They were eradicated long before the beginning of the Lynx War.


The MLF was an anti-establishment group in White Africa dedicated to rebelling against the oppression of the corporations after the events of the National Dismantlement War. They were the largest known anti-establishment group at the time, and employed a well organized army as well as several Lynx such as Amazigh and Sus, and were also known to be wealthy enough to hire LYNX. In fact, they were considered a special threat by the corporations and eradicated, with the final backbreaking move being the elimination of MLF's iconic hero, Amazigh the Desert Wolf at the hands of Anatolia's Raven. The remnants of MLF attempted a final attack on Anatolia, and were completely annihilated by the Raven. The last MLF survivor, Sus, would be eliminated soon afterward.

Lynx Employed Edit


  • Maghreb, which is a variant spelling of Maggrib, is an area west of North Africa, present-day Morocco which also includes parts of Western Sahara, Tunisia, etc. The old Gelts'a fortress is also noted to be in this general location.
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