Infobox Magnolia Curtis
Magnolia Curtis
General information
Affiliation and military information
AffiliationEverGreen Family, Fatman's group; later Reaper Squad
OccupationOperator, Mercenary
Eras presentVerdict War
Notable battlesBattle at ALG742-181
Real world information
AppearancesArmored Core: Verdict Day
Voice actorCindy Robinson (English Version)

Magnolia "Maggie" Curtis works alongside Fatman, and acts as the operator of the "Lone Mercenary" during the majority of the game.


Previously a mercenary known as "Blue Magnolia," she is much younger than her partner Fatman at 25 years old, although every bit his equal.

She was originally born in an area controlled by the EverGreen Family, and was raised by her grandmother. After her grandmother passed away, she joined the EGF military and displayed exceptional talent as a soldier, quickly rising through the ranks to become an AC pilot. However, due to her seemingly unstoppable talent at battle, she grew bored of her life, and began disobeying orders and ignoring strategies. She instead became taken with the life of a mercenary during her many battles, and left the EGF after being inspired by the words of a certain Storker, choosing to work as an independent gun for hire.

After being partnered up with Fatman, she encountered the Leader of the Reaper Squad in battle, and faced defeat for the first time. Although she was able to survive thanks to Fatman's quick intervention, she lost her left arm and was thus no longer able to pilot ACs. Burying the humiliation of her defeat deep in her heart, and still longing for the battlefield, she chose to work as an operator alongside Fatman from then on.

Later in the story, teased by J's words, she deserts Fatman and the player to work for the Reaper Squad in order to "recover the lost pride".

She first appears, as M, after K and D are defeated by the Lone Mercenary. After her AC is moderately damaged she leaves the combat zone, but not before telling the Lone Mercenary and Fatman that her duty is to eradicate potential-ace pilots with extraordinary skills.

Magnolia's second appearance is at the beginning of story mission 9, where she asserts that she's going to remain and fight till the end. She tells the story of the Dark Raven and states that she doesn't want to be defeated again by anyone. During the ensuing battle, Magnolia's AC is critical damaged by the Lone Mercenary and loses its left arm. Fatman urges her to surrender, but M cries out defiance and resumes combat. However, due to the considerable trauma that her AC has sustained, she is eventually defeated and subsequently killed when her AC breaks down. Before she dies, M tells Fatman how much she is thankful that he was always kind to her.

AC R.I.P.3/MEdit

In both of her encounters, she pilots her (presumably) old AC against the player, a middle-weight high mobility type carrying a TE laser rifle, a CE Machinegun and CE short range missiles.

R.I.P. 3/M
Classification: Armored Core Schembox ACVD RIP3 M

Assembly Type

Booster: 165
HB: 334

KE: 2390
CE: 489
TE: 1043


Head: HF-227
Core: C03 Malicious
Arms: AD-228
Legs: L03 FreQuency

FCS: Fs-L-E28[1]
Generator: GA-319[1]
Booster: Bo-C-L13[1]
Recon Unit: ASATORI mdl.1[1]

Shoulder Unit: Su-J-A28
R Arm Unit: Au-L-K29

Power: 3358
Rapid Fire: 80
Accuracy: 99

L Arm Unit: Au-V-G39

Rapid Fire:

Ultimate Weapon: -
R Bay Unit: -

Power: -
Rapid Fire: -
Accuracy: -

L Bay Unit: -

Power: -
Rapid Fire: -
Accuracy: -

Total Weight: 7,166
Stability: 1,081
Recoil Resistance: 1,311
Turning Performance: 723
Energy Recovery: 4,592
Repair Cost: 201,680

AP: 33,607
Total Load: 5,586
Loading Capacity: 5904
Total EN Consumption: 11,598
EN Output: 16,190



Blue Magnolia's AC is armed with a powerful Laser Rifle and a weak H.E.A.T Machine Gun. It is recommended that you create an AC that is resilient to both of these damage types in order to fight her.

Blue Magnolia's combat strategy revolves around her AC's mobility. She will frequently boost drive off anything she can find, and attempt to get behind you and out of your lock-on sight. If your AC has a slow turning speed, it is recommended that you find a fairly open area in the arena that will prevent her from using her Boost Drive (one such location is literally right behind you after you start the mission).

Her AC is weak against Chemical damage, and moderately weak against Thermal damage. If you decide to use H.E.A.T machineguns against her, make sure that they deal high damage. If using a Battle Rifle, a quick lock-on time is recommended because of her affinity for dodging. After dealing a lot of damage to her, she will lose her left arm and will only be armed with her mini-Karasawa. Defeat her once again and you will then be ambushed by a Scavenger.

The Scavenger is accompanied by other Foundation autonomous arms. This stage of the battle requires a heightened situational awareness because of all the enemies that appear. Like Maggy, they are all vulnerable to Chemical weaponry. It is recommended that you deal with the smaller targets first, before concentrating on the Scavenger.


  • "Fatman, any left?"
  • "Two against one. Both were strong pilots."
  • "Your skills increase with each mission."
  • "He's buying time, only to prepare the decisive blow while we are fighting; OR he's got nothing left and just needs time to escape. That's what I'll bet on."
  • "Who the hell are you?"
  • "You?! You were the one that... That...?"
  • "Fatman, I have to go."
  • "It's the only way I know how to live; it's been my destiny since the day I was defeated."
  • "This battle the Foundation set up, Reaper squad... They all lead to one goal. To find someone with your ability. To find you, and kill you."
  • "Now it's time; time for you to die".
  • "I just don't want to face defeat again. Not to anything or anyone."
  • "NEVER!! I... I can still fight!!!"
  • "The battlefield... is where... my soul... BELONGS!!!"
  • "Fatman, you've always been kind... I wasn't the one, but... I'm glad it ended in this way... Goodbye..." 


  • Maggie's last name, Curtis, indicates that she is the descendant of Fran, the operator from the previous game.
  • Her role in the story near the end of the campaign echoes that of Zinaida. The weapon loadout of her AC reflects this, using a powerful charging EN weapon in her main hand and a machine gun in her off-hand, with dual missile shoulder units, identical to Zinaida's Ultimate Form.
  • In Armored Core: Last Raven, regarding the ending where you have to destroy Jack-O and his AC Foxeye, his left arm is destroyed, highly identical when Maggie and her AC was also half destroyed in "Forgiveness of an Angel" and charges at you, as they both have the KARASAWA as their main right arm weapon.
  • The report by the Voice of War indicates that her body was not found in the aftermath of the battle. While it's possible she may have simply ejected from her craft, given that she was said to have sustained grievous injuries that caused her to become unable to pilot prior to joining the Reaper Squad, this could indicate that she was fused to her AC by The Foundation, similar to Zodiac. This also explains why Maggy become a lot more powerful in the second encounter, meaning she has become one thing with her craft, just like the AMS System from AC4 Universe.
  • Her AC closely resembles the other ACs used by the Reaper Squad, but with blue as its secondary color in place of red. In the Armored Core artbook -THE AFTER-, Mangnolia's AC is shown to be almost exactly the same, albeit with a reverse in color scheme and a much more distinct purple tint than blue.
  • Her AC is included in the DLCs as a UNAC using both regular and cosmetic battle damaged versions of her parts.
  • Her emblem is nearly identical to that of Rosary's. The outer section which forms a heart shape is petals instead of thorns, and the flower in the middle is bloomed, in comparison with Rosary's bud.
  • It is also interesting to note that Maggy uses 2 emblems. One is her Blue Magnolia emblem, which looks very similar to Rosary's emblem, albeit the rose in the middle is replaced with a magnolia, and the emblem's main color is blue instead of red. The other one is the Reaper Squad emblem, but as opposed to other Reaper Squad emblems in which the animals depicted are holding weapons such as daggers and swords, the lion in Maggy's Reaper Squad emblem is seen holding a magnolia with a long stem. The shape of the magnolia is the exact same shape seen in her Blue Magnolia emblem.
  • According to the Voice of War, Jessica Shylock and Maggy were partners once, most likely during her time in the EGF's service.
  • During the encounter with the Foundation representatives, it is hinted that Magnolia Curtis may be one of many photo contributors to Voice of War. She presumed to use the identity of Fred Nakano (it might be a shared identity known only among AC operator) and takes snapshot by chance, sometimes illegal.
  • Her AC has been made into a Model Kit
  • When facing here in story mission 9, she appears to have more ammo than in standard weapons, almost twice as much. Even if you force her to expend her ammo, it has no effect on the cutscene, and she regains both the KRSW and missiles in her second form.



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