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Malzel is a Lynx seen in Armored Core: For Answer. He is ranked #7 among the ORCA Lynxes.

Information Edit

Second in command of ORCA, and trusted friend of Thermidor, this young strategist formed ORCA with support from Omer Science Technology, while secretly plotting for the execution of the Closed Plan. Ranked 7 in ORCA's Order Rank, his AMS aptitude is reportedly quite poor. He is also responsible for recruiting Vaoh, who serves as his protege.

He is encountered on the mission "Defeat the Main ORCA Forces".

NEXT Opening Edit

Malzel's black NEXT Opening is entirely composed of GA parts with the sole exception of his CR-HOGIRE Core. It is equipped with twin GA-made GAN02-NSS-WR High-Capacity Rifle, as well as a potent combination of YAMAGA Heavy Grenade Launcher and BIGSIOUX Large Missiles, combined with NEMAHA01 Vertical Relation Missile shoulder weapon. He uses Assault Armor when anyone comes within proximity of him, but uses his rifles more than anything else.
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Strategy Edit

Order MatchEdit

Malzel's low AMS aptitude is readily apparent in his sluggish performance. While his back weapons are dangerous, his reluctance to use it early (or at all) will make victory come easy. Simply push ahead with heavy weaponry, and Opening should fall.


In this mission, you are partnered with Wynne D. Fanchon, who will dash straight to fight Opening. At this point, the only way she will fall is if you neglect her and let Vaoh flank her. Wynne's energy-based weaponry wreaks havoc on Opening's low energy defense, but Opening's heavy weaponry also does a number on Wynne's Reiterpallasch if left unsupervised. Thankfully, Reiterpallasch will defeat Opening most of the time, just in time to help you take down Vaoh.

On the rare case that Malzel survives, make him follow you out of the main tower that you fight in. The stage is arranged such that you fight on top of a very large tower, and if you can successfully lure Opening out of the rooftop, it'll most likely fall to its death. Just make sure to create a permaflight-capable NEXT for this strategy.

Parts Edit


  • Defeat the Main ORCA Forces
    • This is Malzel of the ORCA Brigade. Welcome to Big Box. Let's give them a warm, warm welcome!
    • A fool's a fool, even when he's dead.
    • I'm done using you, yet you keep crawling back to me. Pathetic pawn. Soon, the curtain will close on the final act.
    • You're in way over your head, Lynx. An idiot's jealousy knows no bounds, huh?
    • This... is my time... No matter. I'm of no use anymore... for mankind's golden age...


  • Malzel's emblem, a pawn, completes his "Chessmaster" motif, yet at the same time acknowledges that he too, is a pawn in the grand scheme of things.
  • Opening's schematics uses the least amount of FRS points compared to his ORCA brethren; proof of his lower-than-average AMS aptitude. Even ex-Normal pilot Don Colonel, having notably low aptitude, uses more FRS points in his craft than Malzel.
  • Curiously, the Japanese version spells Malzel differently, as if Malzel's name should have had an umlaut on the a, therefore rendering his name to be Mälzel. If this is the case, his name could refer to Johann Nepomuk Mälzel, an inventor who built a metronome, and interestingly, deals in fraudulent automated chess machines, adding a dimension to Malzel's chess motif.
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