Matthias is a Raven in Armored Core 2 and is ranked #58 in the Arena. He is unlocked once the main story has been completed.

AC Name Funeral Mask
Gender Male
Rank 58
Affiliation Nerves Concord
Appearance(s) Armored Core 2
AC Characteristics
Armor Points 9110
Weight 11670
Price 826000
Offensive Points 9837
Defensive Points 3497
Moving Speed 4530
OB Ability 2400
Grade Excellent
Core Over Boost
Inside None
Extension Anti Missile
Back Unit R Grenade Launcher
Back Unit L Plasma Cannon
Arm Unit R Laser Rifle
Arm Unit L Laser Blade


Takes the name of his mentor who was killed in battle. He pays tribute to his friend by keeping the name and legend alive. He is not to be trifled with.

AC Funeral MaskEdit

Funeral Mask is a heavyweight four-legged AC armed with a back mounted plasma cannon, grenade launcher, anti missile extensions, an overboost core and the famed MOONLIGHT laser blade + KARASAWA laser rifle combination. Its weapons are geared for long range combat, but the unit is extremely deadly at close and mid range as well. Due to the Human PLUS enhancements of the pilot the unit can fire blade waves and it also is able to ignore weight restrictions, making it a PLOW AC.


In contrast to Ares, Matthias lacks the AI quirk and will actually try to take to the skies. The tactic of trying to get him snagged on Malea Base will not work as it has on Ares. Further, every weapon he has is a heavy hitter that he is quite accurate with.

Fortunately, he has a few drawbacks. While he may have PLUS enhancements, the quad legs he has (in combination with his energy weapons) makes taking to the air extremely difficult for him; it is possible, though very difficult to run him out of energy (limiting him to his grenade launcher in the process). A good tactic is to keep a middleweight biped AC with a strong generator and all solid weapons to ensure maximum possible flight time without a suicidal amount of AP. Take the fight to the Abandoned Highway and jet as far upward as possible without leaving the mission area.

You will have to descend to force him to fire -- that is a guarantee. Predict the shots and dodge (hardest with the laser rifle). PLUS users will have an even greater chance at this strategy working, as they'll have extra energy to work with.

Ultimately, it comes down to trial and error (and is a time consuming process to force him to waste ammo).

Another tactic, assuming favorable terrain and flight, is to keep dual vertical missiles or dual multi-missles and relation missile extensions. Matthias has missile interception extensions, but with the help of the BEX-BRM-04 or a similar extension, it's possible to overwhelm his considerable defense and even overheat him. The sole problem with his tactic is that you must still enter his own lock-on range in order to lock on yourself (even with a long-range FCS like the DOX-ELENA).



  • Despite being the lowest rank in the Arena, his AI behavior is that of an expert, or a master difficulty, in addition to his weapon load-out makes him a deadly opponent in the Arena.
  • Image courtesy of TMRaven
  • Matthias is actually the name given to the disciple of Judas Iscariot, as one of the 12 apostles. Strung, who's AC's name is Judas, may actually be Matthias' mentor. Furthermore, Strung's real name is never stated in the game, and it is also likely Matthias is in fact Strung's real name, as Strung is a nickname. Matthias' description also states that he took the name of his mentor who was killed in battle, which would make sense as The Raven was the one who killed Strung in Attack Research Team.
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