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Maximilian Thermidor
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CraftNEXT Unsung
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AppearancesArmored Core: For Answer
Voice actorKyle Hebert (ENG)
Junichi Suwabe (JP)

Maximilian Thermidor is a Lynx in Armored Core: For Answer. He is the leader of ORCA and is their top-ranked Lynx.

In-Game BiographyEdit

This Leader of ORCA pilots a crimson reverse-legged craft. He fights to carry out the Closed Plan in Rayleonard's stead. Equal part romanticist, visionary, and passionate demagogue. A complex, if not divided man, he is one of the original five.


During the course of Armored Core: For Answer, the player can interact with Thermidor in a number of ways. If they choose to play the ORCA path, they will carry various missions under the direction of Thermidor, however, they will never actually see him on the battlefield. In this storyline, Thermidor perishes at Arteria Cranium, the last power supply for the Cradles.

However, if they player decides to go along the League path, they will ultimately meet Thermidor on the battlefield, along with the last surviving Rayleonard Lynx, Shinkai, and his modified NEXT that has improved since Armored Core 4. In the end, the player and Wynne D. Fanchon will defeat both of these Lynx, and save the Cradles from destruction.

During the game's final missions along both Collared and ORCA paths, it is strongly implied that Thermidor's true identity is in fact none other than Otsdarva who presumably perished in either of the two White Glint Mission encounters that marked the climax of Chapter Two. Wynne D. Fanchon identifies Thermidor as Otsdarva after beating the Collared Path's final mission and if played on Hard Mode through the ORCA path, Otsdarva will also face off against the player as an extra opponent for the stage with the player's Operator Kasumi Sumika, accusing that Thermidor has betrayed them.

There are several "hints" supporting the strong possibility of Thermidor's true identity, notably Stasis and Unsung both share especially similar weaponry on much the same positions as one another, not to mention both share remarkably similar emblem designs adorned upon each craft. Thermidor is also described in his short biography as being a "complex, if not divided man" and a short conversational movie that can be played once the Cabracan Mission is beaten after the game's storyline is completed for the first time, has Malzel strongly implying that Maximilian Thermidor will return to ORCA very shortly after the White Glint encounter that supposedly ends Otsdarva's life, supporting the theory that Otsdarva purposely fakes his own death before returning as ORCA's leader.


Thermidor is a passionate believer in his cause, and a charismatic leader, and he lacks the arrogant attitude that his alter-ego, Otsdarva, possesses. However, during the Hard version of Attack Arteria Cranium, he attacks the player, siding with the League. This has generated much debate as to his true allegiance. Several theories exist to explain this:

  • Thermidor is a double-agent for Omer all along, and started ORCA to either:
    • Root out enemies of the League by uniting all elements opposed to the League and the Cradle system thereby making it much easier to eliminate them all in one fell swoop, and/or
    • Enable Omer Science to immediately take control of space once Closed Plan is concluded
  • An alternate take on the above, when following the League Path is that, while Thermidor is Omer's double-agent, he went too far which led Omer to reveal ORCA's HQ, sacrificing ORCA while preserving the Company's integrity.
  • Another possibility is that, after his comrades' deaths, Thermidor simply valued his own life more than the Plan and abandoned his position.

NEXT UnsungEdit


NEXT Unsung

Thermidor's black and crimson NEXT has been christened Unsung. It is based around an ALICIA frame, utilizing Omer parts, including Omer's ER-O700 Laser Bazooka a Rayleonard 04-MARVE Large Calibre Assault Rifle, an Omer-made PM-O901 Quadruple Vertical PM Missile Launcher, and an Akvavit-built TRESOR Lightweight Plasma Cannon. Its heavy Rayleonard S08-MAXWELL generator ensures he has enough energy to power both the AALIYAH core and arm parts and the plasma cannon's massive energy drain. His 04-ALICIA legs are however not a successful part of the design as his only fight is in the Arteria Cranium with lots of machinery hanging from the roof and the walls. This Design is comparable to Zanni's NEXT design.
ACFA thermidor

Strategy Edit

Order MatchEdit

Thermidor uses his NEXT's weapons to great effect in mid-range engagement. His laser bazooka is often employed as a sniping weapon along with his missiles, while he prefers his plasma cannon and his assault rifle up close. His NEXT is a fast middleweight AC. He also moves unpredictably and is very fast. Unsung's ALICIA legs and JUDITH booster means proficiency with aerial combat, but his energy-consuming weaponry is a large drain on his generator.

It is advised to equip flares and high-powered energy weapons, preferably the ER-O700 Laser Bazooka and the ER-O200 low-energy laser rifle. Keep the battle at medium range. Use hit and run attack using QB to the sides, deploy flares just before you attack and then again when you drop to the ground after firing the bazookas, get far away and then wait for your EN to recover then repeat.


Because of the design of the stage, he has a tendency to get stuck just about everywhere, therefore a midweight armed with Assault Armor as well as TORUS's Assault Amplifier and the BIGSIOUX missiles might work quite well. Fortunately, this mission required you to work alongside Wynne D. Fanchon, and she will take on Thermidor, leaving you to deal with Shinkai. If Shinkai is defeated, Thermidor will turn his attention to you, so be prepared.

The biggest danger from Thermidor during the fight is his plasma cannon. Even if not directed at you, the radar-jamming electric field created around the impact area hinders your fighting capability greatly. While his missiles are useless in the tight confines of the stage, his laser bazooka, said plasma cannon and his 04-MARVE assault rifle packs a lot of punch. Fortunately, he usually have spent most of his ammo on Wynne's NEXT, which is resistant to energy-based weaponry. Unsung itself does not have a large amount of AP, and so Thermidor falls really easy for a leader-type NEXT.

Ss ACFA unsung 2


  • Defend Arteria Cranium
    • You two... I guess you aren't content to rot with the rest of them.
    • Watch and learn, Miss Wynne. What is your aim in this?
    • Sorry, but I won't let you take this from us. But I'll make sure to remember... your Answer.
    • Is this really my fate? To lose... everything?
    • Prepare your soul.
    • These cowardly ideals... they will cause the downfall of humanity!
  • Destroy Arteria Ulna
    • Mission Briefing:
      • Greetings. Maximillian Thermidor here. We want you to infiltrate GA America's Arteria facility, Ulna, and destroy it. This mission flies in the face of everything the Cradles stand for, and will be considered an act of treason. With that understood, I want you to listen to what I tell you. Some fled to the Cradles, and live in the clean air. Others were abandoned, condemned to the Earth's poisonous surface. Maintaining this system is causing horrible pollution on the surface. That pollution will soon start bleeding into the atmosphere itself. The Cradles are only a stopgap measure... a panacea. Humankind has no future on this planet unless we stop them. Perhaps you think I'm an alarmist, but I speak the truth. If you believe in what I say, then you must take this mission. Of course, you'll be reimbursed for your efforts. I await your reply.
    • Post-Mission Briefing:
      • You have shown me your answer. Welcome to ORCA.
  • Attack on Arteria Carpals
    • Mission Briefing:
      • Maximillian Thermidor here. We're initiating the Closed Plan. Our NEXT forces will launch simultaneous attacks against core Arteria facilities. Your target is the critical Arteria facility, Carpals. You are to take down Noblesse Oblige, who is defending the site. The facility is protected by multiple defensive units. Effectively neutralizing them before Noblesse arrives will make things a bit easier on you. We are the ORCA brigade, the most dangerous reactionary force in existence. And this is our grand entrance! Let's put on a show, gentlemen!
  • Defeat AF Answerer
    • Mission Briefing:
      • This is Maximilian Thermidor. Your target is Answerer, a high tech Arms Fort manufactured by the Interior Union and Omer. The Answerer is bristling with the latest Kojima arms tech. It is considerably stronger than other Arms Forts you might have encountered. 'It's a deadly foe. The battle will be hard, but if you are successful, we will move right into the final phase of the Closed Plan. Malzel and I agree. You are the only one who can pull this off. This is the end game. We're counting on you.
  • Defend Anti-Satellite Cannons
    • Mission Briefing:
      • Thermidor here.' The League has discovered our anti-satellite batteries. Doubtless, they will be sending their elite forces to try and destroy them. I want you to coordinate with our people to defend the cannon. Unfortunately, we are at the turning point in the Arteria offensive... thus, we cannot spare any additional forces. These anti-satellite batteries are the linchpin of the Closed Plan. If we lose them, the future of humanity will be cast into doubt. I leave it to you. Don't allow our sacrifice to be for naught.
  • Attack on Arteria Cranium
    • Mission Briefing:
      • Lynx of Collared. Thermidor here. If you are listening to this message, then I am already dead, most likely at the Arteria Cranium. Malzel will not return alive from Big Box. That leaves you as the sole surviving member of ORCA. I'm asking you to do this in my stead. Take the Cranium. If you succeed, the Cradles' last support will be gone, and mankind will be forced to return to the surface. Then the anti-satellite batteries can use the energy from the Cradles to eliminate the Assault Cells and clear our path to space. It is all up to you now. Do this for your fellow ORCA warriors and for all of humanity.

Parts Edit

  • Head Stabilizers
    • Head Top: None
    • Head R Side: None
    • Head L Side: None
  • Core Stabilizers
    • Core R Upper: None
    • Core L Upper: 03-AALIYAH/CUS1
    • Core R Lower: None
    • Core L Lower: None
  • Arm Stabilizers
    • Arm Right: None
    • Arm Left: None
  • Leg Stabilizers
    • Legs Back: None
    • Legs R Upper: 04-ALICIA/LUS1
    • Legs L Upper: 04-ALICIA/LUS1
    • Legs R Middle: None
    • Legs L Middle: None
    • Legs R Lower: None
    • Legs L Lower: None


  • Some concept art depicts Unsung with BFF-made 051ANAM flare extensions (pictured above). This part is curiously absent in the final model depicted in-game, perhaps due to the already overweight Unsung (which requires 30 FRS points on load capacity just to mount all of its equipment). Possibly also because the flares were considered unnecessary as Unsung would only fight once, and in an area where all but the heavy BIGSIOUX, BISMUTH and ZINC missiles are ineffective, as well as the flares being an extra load for the generator.
  • Regulation 1.40's great reduction in Alicia's weight-carrying capacity and load tuning as well as S08-MAXWELL's rebalanced weight means that Unsung's schematic is impossible to be used without swapping parts, even when tuning is involved. Regardless, AI-controlled Unsung, like many other NEXTs affected by Regulation 1.40, moves without any problems nor limitations.
  • "Thermidor" has come to mean a retreat from more radical goals and strategies during a revolution, especially when caused by a replacement of leading personalities.
  • Thermidor is the eleventh month in the French Republican Calendar.
  • The Thermidorian Reaction was a revolt in the French Revolution against the excesses of the Reign of Terror. It was triggered by a vote of the Committee of Public Safety to execute Maximilien Robspierre, along with other leaders of the Reign of Terror. This occurred on the date '9 Thermidor,' or 27 July, 1794. During Armored Core: For Answer's "Welcome to Earth" custcene, the narrator states that "For many, the chaos began in July," while displaying the text '13 Therimdor.' Therefore, it is possible that the ORCA uprising began on July 31st.
  • From this, it is quite possible the entire ORCA uprising is symbolic of the French Revolution, where a group of political radicals overthrew the weak reign of King Louis XVI (Like the world's governments during the National Dismantlement War,) and established the corrupt and violently oppressive Committee of Public Safety (such as the Pax Economica and later the League, who were responsible for the destruction of the environment and many deaths throughout their wars.)
  • Some suggest that Thermidor suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder and may not know it.
  • Unsung shares some similarities with Roughtcut: both have the Marve on the right hand, a energy weapon on the left hand and missiles on the right back slot.
  • It is shown in a cinematic scene after you complete Big box mission, Thermidor attacks Arteria Ulna instead of Strayed.
  • Interestingly, Unsung is the first AC in the rank one list that's not a biped type.
  • Maximilian Thermidor's NEXT, Unsung, is one of several Armored Core NEXTs to have model kits based on it.
  • When fighting Thermidor In an order match, if you run away to the area borders, Thermidor will run the opposite direction and kill him self via retreat from exiting the area limit. This may have been done as his name means retreat as stated in the previous fact, but it is unknown if the developers did this on purpose.