Megalis is a power recycling plant seen in Armored Core 4 and later in Armored Core: For Answer.

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Megalis is a solar updraft tower power plant situated in Western Australia, originally built by Leonemeccanica. The structure extends upward hundreds of meters and is protected by multiple anti-air laser cannons. It is later abandoned and taken over by Line Ark, who use it as their lifeline to keep their society functional. Based on the players actions, Megalis is either destroyed, bringing about the end of Line Ark, or is protected, allowing them to continue on.


Megalis was under construction by Leonemeccanica during the events of Armored Core 4.

Armored Core 4Edit

The Raven is sent to the incomplete Megalis during the course of Armored Core 4 to remove occupying forces, and again after its completion to temporarily cripple the facility by destroying its generator turbines.

Armored Core: For AnswerEdit

During the course of Armored Core: For Answer, the League makes several attempts to destroy Megalis, which would cut the lifeline for Line Ark, eliminating the largest power on Earth's surface.

The player can either choose to defend or destroy Megalis. The mission Defend Megalis takes place in Chapter 2, and involves the player engaging Omer's Aerial Brigade which includes the Arms Fort Eclipse. On the other hand, the mission Destroy Megalis involves the player using a Vanguard Overboost unit to find their way into the Megalis perimeter, after which they must inflict a certain amount of damage to the central structure until it becomes inoperable.


  • In the mision "Destroy Megalis" the player can simply position themselves atop the structure, and the automated defences will destroy the facility.
  • In the Line Ark mission briefing for "Defend Megalis" the facility is erroneously referred to as "Megaris" in the on-screen text due to a mistranslation.
  • The name Megalis itself is a mistranslation of the word Megalith. Bizarrely, though, the plant is called Megalith in the Japanese version of Armored Core 4. A megalith is a massive pillar.
  • Megalis is a solar updraft tower, which work by heating the air under the glass in the collection area, which then rises through the tower, powering turbunes. Few solar updraft towers exist in reality, but one was going to be built in Australia, like in the game, though on the other side of the continent.
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