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General information
Classification Corporation
Affiliation and corporate information
Affiliations Leonemeccanica
Specialty Energy Weapons
Products Energy Weapons
Back Energy Weapons
Known employees None
Eras present National Dismantlement War
Lynx War
Real world information
Appearances Armored Core 4

Melies is strongest in the high-tech field, specializing in laser and rocket engine technologies. Widely acknowledged as the industry authority on the former. During Armored Core 4, they would merge with Leonemeccanica to become the Interior Union.

Lynx Employed (Lynx, NEXT)[]

Lynx Name Next Name Rank Original Current Status Appearances
Stiletto Les Années Folles 18->6 Yes Alive AC4,AC:FA

NEXT Schematics Made by Melies[]

NEXT Schematics Utilizing Melies Parts[]


Parts Introduced in Armored Core 4[]

Arm Weapons[]

Part ID Price Weapon Type Weight EN Cost Unlocked Notes
HLR01-CANOPUS 1,050,000C Hi Laser Rifle 2387 915 Sea of Blood A high laser rifle with impressive overall firepower.
HLR71-VEGA 1,300,000C Hi Laser Rifle 1886 812 Finish NDP-B002 ALD-MEL Data Pack A prototype high laser rifle with powerful single shots.
LR01-ANTARES 125,000C Laser Rifle 1215 613 Shop Standard EN weapon offering solid power and PA piercing.
LR02-ALTAIR 375,000C Laser Rifle 1344 733 Shop An enhanced laser rifle with improved power output.
PG02-DENEB 100,000C Pulse Gun 539 421 Sea of Blood A storable pulse gun with short firing latency.
PG03-SPICA 345,000C Pulse Gun 519 517 Shop A redesigned storable pulse gun with upgraded power.

Back Weapons[]

Part ID Price Weapon Type Weight EN Cost Unlocked Notes
HLC02-SIRIUS 500,000C Hi Laser Rifle 2770 1200 Shop A high laser cannon with huge power and high impact.