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The Men of Honor are a large organization of Migrants and one of the main antagonist groups in Armored Core V's Order Missions. They play the primary role of allocating mercenaries with clients in Multiplayer, and are also the holders of neutral territories in that part of the game. They eventually, after the fall of Regan and Goneril, become a major force in the creation of the Sirius Corporation in Armored Core: Verdict Day.


The Men of Honor is a large Migrant organization known well in the world of Armored Core V. They hold a large amount of power and resources under their name, and are the main group to issue contracts to freelance mercenaries. They possess a significant amount of military might as well, with some suggesting it is equal to, or if not more then, that of the City Police. This large amount of military power also holds sway over most territorial areas before the rise of mercenary warlords, forcing most to accommodate neutral areas.

While they hold sway over many things in the world, the MOH are still predominately a Migrant group, and are often found salvaging resources in almost any part of the world.


The Men of Honor is an old organization, first formed by Elizabeth Stratford; founder of the group and mother of the three sisters--Goneril, Regan and Cordelia. The Men of Honor saw much prosperity and rise in power, for a time. As Elizabeth grew weaker due to age and illness, the organization began to crumble, and infighting spread. Adding to this was the feud between the three sisters, all vying for the throne of the MOH.

Goneril was the least favored of the three sisters and neglected by their mother--forcing her to become extremely needy and develop a huge thirst for greed. Regan however, had a much brighter future ahead of her. Having succeeded as the new leader of the organization, Regan managed to reunite the crumbling organization under a new council system. Goneril remained loyal to the MOH, but secretly waited for her chance to lead.

Cordelia left the organization during those times of inner conflict, to become a migrant of her own stature and fame. Adopting the name "Rosary", Cordelia cut off her ties to the group and her family and soon disappeared without a trace. This inevitably put her and Regan on bad terms.

In the Order Mission storyline of Armored Core V, two years after the fall of Father and his City Police; Rosary returns with Fran and the fabled mercenary to duke it out with the warlords spread throughout the desolation left by the Second Rebellion. At this point in time, the MOH were encountered rarely and had no formal interest in either the helicopter or the AC, although they did recognize it immediately.

Early on, the MOH simply stage assaults against the mercenary's group with a large number of Mass-Produced ACs, although they fail regardless. Rosary is then able to deduce that her former family organization is responsible for these attacks.

In Order Mission 42, the MOH seem to be actively hunting for Rosary, as they are waiting for them to appear. While Rosary is dropping off the Raven into the area, an old acquaintance of hers, Neon, launches a warning shot at Rosary's helicopter and charges into battle against the Raven. The Raven soon defeats him in battle. This leaves Rosary feeling a little flustered about his behavior.

But that is not all. Later on, the MOH return with a vengeance, and things go from bad to worse. This marks the first time Rosary and Regan have met since they parted ways, but it was not a heartfelt reunion. After a cold conversation between the two, Regan orders an AC from the MOH to attack Rosary, only to come into contact with the mercenary's AC. After the mercenary defeats the MOH AC, Regan retreats stating that she won't be so friendly the next time they meet.

Rosary's group later encounter the MOH yet again. A large battlegroup of MOH units, led by Regan, attack Rosary's group as they enter a part of the Abandoned Facility. The enemy force consisted of a large number of Shchits, Aves and Speers. While they had strength in numbers, they proved no match for the mercenary's ferocious power. Sorely beaten by the mercenary's might and stung by Rosary's words, Regan retorts by saying that is far from over, and retreats from the battle.

The MOH appear once more, this time in the Huge Canyon. However, things weren't looking up for the head of MOH. With her reputation burned and the MOH abandoning her, Regan seeks the help of her bodyguard and butler Oswald, to defeat the fabled mercenary in league with Rosary. During the battle, Oswald proved no match for the mercenary and retreats from the battlefield by the skin of his teeth.

The MOH appear, for the last time, in the Mining Facility. With no one left to assist them, Regan throws Oswald back at Rosary again, spitefully stating she won't tolerate his cowardice. Oswald ensures her that he will be with her until the end. A fierce battle ensues, but the fabled mercenary comes out on top. When Rosary asks Oswald why he would fall to working under someone such as her, Regan, delirious with grief and blind with madness, threatens to kill Rosary and attempts to make her escape.

Unfortunately, she doesn't get her wish. A member of Zodiac, No.1 piloting his AC Capricornus, shoots down her Stork using one of his Pile Drivers, causing fatal damage to the cockpit. As she crashes, Regan utters her last words.

"Is that... Zodiac!?"

Some time after her sisters demise and the fall of Zodiac, Goneril is elected as the head of MOH and, she too, seeks Rosary, but for entirely different reasons. After hearing of a fabled "enormous tower," she contracts the help of Rosary, her friends, and a few others to delve deep into the contamination to find it and reap its rewards. Although the group is initially reluctant to take the job, she threatens to harass them with daily attacks until they accepted, coercing them into taking the mission.

After the events within the vicinity of the Tower, Rosary returns to the MOH. Bearing her true name, she forces Goneril out of power and becomes the head of the organization, dissolving the council system and becoming the autocratic leader of the organization. It is said that Goneril's final fate was rather pathetic.

Over time, Cordelia led the MOH to grow and prosper, as Elizabeth had once done so. After her death, the group merges with groups in the South Frontier and paves the way to the creation of a powerful organization.

By the time of the Verdict War, the MOH have completely disappeared, but in its place, a massive faction has taken the saddle to uniting the world--the Sirius Corporation.


  • Order 23 (Units A and B)
  • Order 35 (Unit C)
  • Order 42 (Unit D)
  • Order 50 (AC)
  • Order 60 (Unit E)
  • Order 68 (Oswald)
  • Order 72 (Oswald)



  • There also seems to be an unidentified pilot of MOH the player AC first encounters from the group, no information other than the Pawn emblem was shown.
    • The artbook list the pawn unit´s pilot name as GF.
  • MOH also seems to take a very small role in the Conquest for Territories, as it is shown that they defend neutral areas.
  • The names Cordelia, Regan, Goneril and Oswald are taken from William Shakespeare's play "King Lear". In it, the eponymous King Lear divides his territory onto three of his daughters, Gonerill the eldest, Regan, and Cordelia the youngest. Due to an argument however, King Lear drives Cordelia out and she became an outcast, much like the game's incarnation of Cordelia is. Oswald is a relatively minor character in the play, a loyal butler and servant of Goneril that also works for Regan.
  • MoH's pilots seem very well mannered, either implying they were raised in a high-class society, or are put under rigorous training to keep them in line. Neither is blatantly stated in the game, however.
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