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Menno Ruh
General information
Classification Human
Gender Female
Affiliation and military information
Affiliation Global Armaments
Occupation Lynx (Original)
Rank Originals: Rank 10
Craft NEXT Primitive Light
Eras present National Dismantlement War,
Pax Economica
Real world information
Appearances Armored Core 4
Voice actor English: Kate Higgins
Japanese: Nami Kurokawa

Menno Ruh is a Lynx encountered in Armored Core 4. She is the 10th ranking Original.

In-Game Biography[]

GA's strongest Original and ace in the hole. The heavyweight bipedal juggernaut she pilots mirrors her unwavering will and fundamentalist fervor.


GA's strongest and highest ranking pilot, she is encountered as an enemy during the mission Internal Purge. She attacks Anatolia's Mercenary after he has been ordered by GA to eliminate GA Europe's weapon fortresses. Menno Ruh is defeated by the Mercenary within Hejde Arsenal. Her final words are, "It's a lie..."

NEXT Primitive Light[]


NEXT Primitive Light

Primitive Light is a heavyweight SUNSHINE model that utilizes a chain gun and powerful bazooka. However, the most dangerous aspect of this NEXT is its two large missile launchers, which, while slow, boast impressive power, range, and blast radius.



Primitive Light has both the firepower and the armor to carry her through to the end. However, energy weapons wreak havoc on her NEXT. Despite so, open areas are very conducive to her to launch missiles at you. In order to counter this, machine guns can be used so that her missiles blow up on her.


After destroying the third weapon, Primitive Light will come charging at you. If at all possible, use the tunnels to your advantage, so she will be limited to her arm weapons (which are still deadly). If equipped with a blade, one can abuse the SUNSHINE's sluggish turn rate to blade her to death, constantly boosting past her and quickturning inside the narrow hallways.


  • R Front Stabilizer
    • Head/Top: None
    • Head/R Side: None
    • Core/ R Upper: None
    • Core/ R Upper: None
  • L Front Stabilizer
    • Head/Top: None
    • Head/L Side: None
    • Core/ L Upper: None
    • Core/ L Upper: None
  • L Rear Stabilizer
    • Core/L Lower: None
    • Arms/Left: GAN01-SS-AS1
    • Legs/Back: None
    • Legs/L Middle: None
    • Legs/L Lower: None
  • R Rear Stabilizer
    • Core/R Lower: None
    • Arms/Right: None
    • Legs/Back: None
    • Legs/R Middle: None
    • Legs/R Lower: None


  • Menno Ruh is seen in the mission Internal Purge on hard mode. This is extremely odd, given Anatolia's Mercenary was hired by GA to destroy GAE, yet was attacked by a GA pilot after doing so. This gives rise to several theories:
    1. While she is employed by GA, she may have originated from GAE and is then compelled to save her home from Anatolia's Mercenary, acting independently from GA.
    2. GA ordered Menno Ruh to kill Anatolia's Mercenary as part of a black op so that GA can "kill two birds with one stone", as GA might have feared his tremendous power and skill. Fortunately, not only Anatolia's Mercenary comes out on top, GA benefits from his survival to carry them to victory in the ensuing Lynx War.
    3. Yet another theory is that somehow, Akvavit had persuaded Menno Ruh that Anatolia's Raven is destroying GAE at the behest of another company, casting her in an aggressor role.
  • Menno Ruh's emblem radically differs from the original Japanese version. In the Japanese version, her emblem depicts what seems to be a nun cradling a baby, presumably an allusion to Virgin Mary and Jesus. This was replaced by a picture of a winged lion reminiscent of a Lion Rampant. Nevertheless, her choice of emblem reflects her so-described "fundamentalist fervor": a religious one.