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Merc - Emblem

Merc's Emblem

Merc is a Raven in Armored Core: Nexus. He is ranked 8th in the Arena.


Merc was sent by Crest as a reinforcement for two Crest HQ ACs. Arriving late to the battle, he faced off one-on-one against The Raven before being defeated. He is encountered in the mission Ambush Crest HQ Force.

AC Wily Tank[]

Wily Tank is a tank AC with an energy EO core, anti-missile extensions, an orbit cannon back weapon, a multi-missile launcher, a grenade rifle and a machine gun. The unit is also equipped with OP-INTENSIFY.

AC Wily Tank

AC Wily Tank



In-Game Information[]

Heavily armored tank-leg AC design sporting a well-rounded complement of weaponry. Pilot is skilled at correctly gauging opportune moments to strike.


He will show up after you have defeated the 2 other Crest ACs that show up earlier in the mission. The fact that you may hurting from fighting those 2 may leave you at a disadvantage. Fortunately, he is not very mobile for a tank so it's actually quite easy to land hits on him. The CENTAUR vertical missiles, coupled with relay missile extensions work well him, though do note that he has anti-missile extensions, but the vertical missile+relay missile combo should be enough to overwhelm his anti-missiles and damage him significantly. When you run out of it, just empty whatever that you have left in your other weapons on him and you will be able to finish him off. Just be sure to avoid his attacks as well.