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Micro Missiles

MAGORAGA micro-missiles.

Micro-missiles are a missile type introduced in Armored Core: Nexus.


In essence, Micro Missiles are even smaller versions of missiles designed to launch en masse to inflict serious damage to an AC. They are designed specifically to overwhelm AMS (Anti Missile Systems). They are highly effective weapons with moderate ammunition loads with respectable power as well as load weight and energy drain. In Armored Core 4, this weapon is renamed the scatter missile and fires far more, abeit less powerful versions, of these missiles, and are no longer as effective against Anti Missile Systems. Its heavy weight and high energy drain also makes it very difficult to double wield such weapons and it's ammo cost makes it extremely expensive and can run ammo costs up 100,000 credits or higher.

List of Micro Missiles[]


Micro-missiles launcher, fires 5 missiles per lock-on.


Micro-missile launcher, fires 7 missiles per lock-on.


Micro-missile launcher, fires 9 missiles per lock-on.


Fires a 3 shot salvo of homing enhanced Micro-missiles.

FUNI (Extension)[]

Interlocking missile extension system that fires 4 micro-missiles

CR-WA91MSM (Weapon Arms)[]

Missile weapon arms (micro): 6-10 shot salvo

Notable Users[]

A few of the well-known/notable Ravens that use micro-missiles in their armaments are Evangel (in his Nexus Oracle AC), Zinaida, Nineball/Code: Crimson (both Nine Breaker and Last Raven versions), Pin Fire and Rim Fire.

  • MAGORAGA, used by Rim Fire, Nineball/Code: Crimson and Evangel's Nexus Oracle.
  • KINNARA, used by Zinaida and Pin Fire.
  • FUNI, used by Zinaida, Rim Fire and Nexus Oracle.