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Classification Umbrella term
Headquarters N/A
Affiliation and corporate information
Leader N/A
Affiliations N/A
Known members N/A
Eras present Alloy Gate City Rebellion
Post-Rebellion period
Verdict War
Real world information

Migrants is a general term for anyone who is unaffiliated with Alloy Gate City in Armored Core V, or the Three Forces in Armored Core: Verdict Day.

Armored Core V[]

In ACV, the Migrants are effectively travelers, never staying one spot for long. In order to sustain themselves, they scavenge technology from with the Contaminated Zones, selling it on the market or making use of it themselves.

After the fall of Alloy Gate City, the Resistance fractures into multiple migrant groups, all of which compete for territory and supplies.

Armored Core: Verdict Day[]

By the time of the Verdict War, the Three Forces (Venide, EverGreen Family, and Sirius Corporation) and The Foundation had formed out of allied Migrant groups. Although there remain unaffiliated Migrants, these are relegated to the sidelines as the war picks up.