Missiles are guided rockets equipped with warheads that track their targets and explode upon impact with a solid object, whether its an enemy or a wall. They are a common and frequently used weapon due to their high damage output and reliability.


Missiles come in several varieties: "Small" missiles, which are light, medium power warheads which follow their target and explode upon impact. "Middle" missiles are essentially the same, but are more powerful, about equal to a small rocket. "Large" missiles are cruise missile-sized weapons capable of laying waste to enemies with their firepower and blast radius. Multi-fire missile launchers are missile launchers which fire a predetermined number of missiles on a single lock, usually between two and four. Multi-warhead missiles are missiles which, when a predetermined distance between the missile and the enemy is reached, split into several missiles; another missile type, ground torpedoes, works on the same principle, but travels as a small pod, which splits into low-flying missiles. Lastly, there are vertical missiles, which fire upwards in a climbing arc before dropping back down to hit their target.


Armored Core 1 Era

  • Small Missiles- The most basic weapon, they deal fairly low damage (around 765 to 780) and frequently have large missile capacity. Frequently of the weapon types, Small Missiles have the largest lock on amounts for this weapon type
  • Missiles- These are larger and stronger missiles that have almost double the amount of damage of Small Missiles but have half the ammo capacity. Initially the Vertical Missile launcher was classified under this group in Project Phantasma and Master of Arena.
  • Dual/Triple Missiles- These missiles are frequently either Small or "medium" Missiles that launch in two or three missiles per launch. Some like those in the original game, fire in an arch, making them useful for ambushing enemies.
  • Multi Missiles- These missiles launch a single warhead that splits up into four (or more in later renditions) which can deal heavy damage. From Armored Core 2 on, these launch in an arch allowing them to hit targets potentially from cover.
  • Large Missiles- These appear in two groups although the first type does not appear in any other Armored Core game save for the original PS1 games, They fly and look like regular Missiles but deal much greater damage. The second type is extremely slow and deals massive damage, capable of tracking an enemy although it does get fouled up by terrain.

Armored Core 2 Era

  • Vertical Missiles- While they technically appeared in the original game, they were not named as Vertical Missiles until Armored Core 2 on. They deal the damage of a Missile and fire in a parabolic arch. This allows them to fire over terrain but are hard (if not impossible) to hit in indoor environments.
  • Pursuit Missiles - A remarkably unique weapon, pursuit missiles are designed to produce a hail of ordinance fire on demand. To that effect, they are designed to launch a missile pod, which will promptly fire a barrage of Small Missiles at the intended target. On an interesting note, the pod itself did significant damage, at least the sum of every missile it launched, if not more. A valid tactic, therefore, would be to simply hit an enemy with the pod, though their low ammo count made this somewhat impractical considering that they were manually aimed.

Armored Core 3 Era

  • Hi-Act Missiles - High-mobility missiles, hi-act missiles come in both straight-arc and verticle forms, and are able to track enemies much better than standard missiles.
  • Stealth Missiles - Stealth missiles were able to ignore enemy AMS, and simply travel straight to the enemy unhindered; enemy core AM guns and AM lasers or missiles, would not react to stealth missiles, though they could still be seen on radar, dodged, and be attracted to decoys.
  • Burst Missiles - Odd weapons, these missiles flew like their vertical missile cousins; then, when they reached the air above their target, they shower it with bomblets, causing large amounts of damage and heating their victims by huge amounts. However, burst missiles had low accuracy against all but slow moving or stationary enemies.

Armored Core Nexus Era

  • Micro Missiles - A new type of ordinance launcher, micro missiles focused on a "quantity over quality" strategy in order to achieve maximum effect. Micro missiles were smaller than even "small" type missiles, leading to their apt name, and were typically launched in massive swarms of 5 to 9. These missiles, though individually weak, were able to do astonishing damage upon connection with their target, and their numbers allowed them to overwhelm even the best anti-missile systems.

Armored Core 4 Era

  • Kojima Missiles - Carry a volatile Kojima payload and do significant damage upon impact. Very slow, but has a long flight time. They work much like the normal Large Missiles except upon impact, they will basically deplete an NEXT's Primal Armor.
  • AS Missiles - Missiles that target an enemy automatically without any lock on necessary, AS Missiles can be useful as they can be deployed without having to lock on to a target but they have low launch amounts and low damage.
  • Scatter Missiles - similar to Micro Missiles, scatter missiles fire a large number of smaller, weaker missiles. Unlike their cousins from Nexus, Scatter Missiles are basically an improvement over the Multi Missile, firing a single larger missile that splits into multiple warheads, making them very dangerous if a target does not have AMS capabilities.
  • PM Missiles - These missiles are similar to the Hi-Act Missiles in that they track targets very well. They don't deal as much damage as normal missiles however.

Armored Core 5 Era

  • Kinetic (KE) - Missile type that does damage by delivering the kinetic energy into a target. KE missiles have wide variety of different types.
    • Large Missile - A large, slow moving missile that has huge damage capability and explosion radius. Despite being rather sluggish, it has amazing tracking ability which allows it to continue following a target where most other missiles would burn out.
    • Vertical - Fires from an upward position, then comes raining down on an opponent. Has very good attack power and can fire many at once, but has somewhat poor tracking ability.
    • High Speed - Missile that has a high initial velocity with great impact force to stun opponents.
    • VTF - Missile that has an internal fuse, which causes it to explode once it is within a certain distance of a target.
  • Chemical (CE) - Missile that delivers a chemical payload. Has fairly good tracking and can fire many in a short period of time.
    • AS - Missile type that automatically tracks a target without requiring an AC to lock on to it by detecting nearby units. THey have fairly decent range and great tracking ability, but suffer from overall low attack power.
  • Thermal (TE) - A special missile type similar to KE VTF Missiles, they explode nearby a target and unleash a plasma field which damages opponents. These missile have a high resistance to missile interception technology, and have overall good tracking.
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