Mollycoddle is a Raven working for Alliance in Armored Core: Last Raven.

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AC Pinch Beck


Currently employed by Alliance HQ, Mollycoddle was removed from the Alliance Tactical Unit roster by Evangel for failing to meet the grade. He's a poorly skilled pilot who has trouble taking advantage of his AC's setup. It is rumored that Zinaida is out to get him. He appears in the mission "Eliminate Enemy Occupiers."

AC Pinch BeckEdit


Middleweight, two-leg design that is equipped with a rifle, laser blade, and grenade launchers on both back units. The unit's accuracy diminishes in long-range battles. Pinch Beck is an exact replica of Genobee's Dual-Face, sharing the same OP-INTENSIFY upgrades.


During the fight against Mollycoddle in reclaiming the Diorgan Distribution Center, he will have 4 Grenade Launcher units assisting him, due to the mission's orders of keeping damage to the facility to a minimum, Mollycoddle will be a deadly adversary. The strategy that works against Genobee is just as effective against Mollycoddle. He is one of the few AC Pilots with the KISSYOH Optional Part installed (Which sends lock-on cancellation pulses) so Missile type weapons that require more than one lock are ineffective against him (which along with a rather effective AMS system makes Missiles useless against him).The battle against him is fairly easy, just don't let him go behind you. He can use his grenade launcher on the fly which can deal a lot of damage and you might lose sight of him.



  • Mollycoddle's Pinch Beck resemblance to Genobee's Dual Face may be the reason why Zinaida is looking for him. Genobee was a Raven who worked exclusively for Crest and ranked 1 in the Arena, however he was killed by the Raven (player) in Armored Core: Nexus.
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