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Moonlight - Emblem

Moonlight's Emblem

Moonlight is an AI Ranker in the Last Raven VR Arena. Its rank is 3.

AC Neon Might[]

AC Neon Might

AC Neon Might

Tank-leg AC with excellent long range combat performance. The unit's arsenal includes multiple energy based weapons capable of inflicting heavy damage. Equipped with the deadly back-mounted LX cannon, a powerful energy sniper rifle and a dual-shot sniper rifle as its main weapons. The unit is also equipped with the JIREN energy refill extensions and inside missile decoys. The unit is also equipped with OP-INTENSIFY which grants it reduced energy consumption from boosting and firing its energy weapons.


While he may seem easier to defeat in a tank duel, you'll find that the FENRIR and LX can deal massive damage and could easily defeat a tank if you don't have enough firepower to get him first. Staying mobile and bounding him with missiles is possible but the confines of the arena could make this a little bit of a challenge as his relative slow size is countered by the small area...

While his damage output is incredible, his laser cannon at mid-long range is not very difficult to dodge, meaning that fast ACs will never have to deal with it as long as they stay mobile and move unpredictably. His ammunition is also incredibly limited, so you'll generally find greater success when focusing more on dodging his attacks rather than hammering him down with your own. Once he's got nothing left, he's target practice for you. Due to the small stage, circle strafing is not the most advisable, even for fast ACs, as he just needs one lucky shot to render you essentially immobile. Instead, it's best to remain near his line of sight and alternating from immediate left and right strafing, which can make it almost impossible for his FCS to properly line up and use such slow firing weapons effectively. Play smart, stay cool, and you'll find him much easier to handle



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