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Mop Up Chrome Remnants (1) is one of the final missions if the player decides to take the Murakumo Path in the original Armored Core. A remake of this mission can be found in the Armored Core: Nexus revolution disc.


Requester:Murakumo Millenium

Advance: 0

Upon success: 50000

Theater of operations: Avalon Valley Military Base

Enemy forces: Unknown

Conditions for success: Mop up any remaining units


Special report for all Ravens! It has been decided to disband the
Chrome group that planned a military coup d'etat using new robotic

Murakumo Millennium will control and inspect the remaining assets of
Chrome, so that they can be reused appropriately later.

Now that the confrontation is over, there may be less and less for you
Ravens to do. Hopefully this is a sign that mankind is moving towards a
peaceful future.

It's not over yet. We have a job for you. We need you to survey a
Chrome military base. Some remnants of the group may still resist, but
their strength is inconsequential.

We want you to check the situation in the interior of the base and mop
up any resistance you find there.
Your pay should be adequate.




Radio: "We've arrived at the combat area. We'll leave as soon as your AC is deployed."

Radio: "Raven! Help me!!"



Armored Core Mop Up Chrome Remnants


As one of the final missions of the game, this is a bit of an ominous mission.

You will start off by being dropped down a large vertical shaft, which will lead you an underground miltary facility. Once you drop down, you will then find a horde of Bishop MTs. They're weak so it won't take much to destroy them, though there're quite a number of them in the level so use your ammo wisely. To play it safe, bring along a blade like the Moonlight to kill them as they die in just one hit.

Your job is to make your way through the facility, make use of the tunnels/passageways that are located on one of the walls in the rooms. Along the way, more Bishop MTs will appear. Keep clearing as you go and take care not to hit the fuel tanks/generators in some of the rooms as the explosions there can damage your AC too.

Eventually you will reach a rather long tunnel/passageway that will lead you up. This is where the end is near. As you reach the end of the tunnel, you will find that you have made it back outside. However, the mission isn't over yet.

A cutscene will play out, where the massive humanoid MT Devastator appears and destroys the Barracuda that escorted you here. Afterwards, it then directs its attention to you.

In comparison to the enemies faced previously in the game, Devastator is a bit of a tough cookie and can easily destroy unwary pilots. Fortunately, there's a very easy way of dealing with it. Devastator lacks appropriate countermeasures against CQC (melee), so slashing it to death with a powerful blade like the Moonlight is the most effective tactic to defeat it. Or if you don't have the Moonlight, the Karasawa also works well on Devastator, as it seems to be weak to energy weapons. Either way, Devastator is far from being an unbeatable foe, and is actually very easy with the right strategy applied.

Do note however, that Devastator is surprisingly mobile despite its huge size, so there's a chance you might lose sight of it while engaging it. To avert this, have a radar or a head with a radar function to be able to keep track of it.


Unlike the original where the Raven is dropped down a large vertical shaft, here they instead are placed on direct path into the facility through the front gate. After you destroy all of the enemies inside, you will simply make your way back out, going back the way you came from. Once outside again, you will encounter this version of Devastator. In contrast to the original Devastator, this one simply stands in place while bombarding you repeatedly with its missiles and heavy weapons. Dealing with it would require substantial firepower as this Devastator is actually quite durable, not to mention his constant missile volleys, his grenade launchers and machine guns all come from every angle, making avoiding his attacks nearly impossible.

Missiles work best on Devastator as it doesn't have any missile defenses of any kind. It's not recommended to blade this one as its machine guns and grenade launchers can easily overheat your AC and keep you grounded.


  • The Barracuda is destroyed by the Devastator in a cutscene.
  • This is another mission where the enemy destroyed the Barracuda, killing the pilot in the process. The first was in Remove Gun Emplacement.